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===Time management and Work Organization===
*KTimeTracker (remove from menu -- present as plasmoid)
*KTimeTracker (remove from menu -- present as plasmoid)
*Kalarm (remove from menu -- present as plasmoid?)
*Kalarm (remove from menu -- present as plasmoid?)
*<Syncing apps>
*<Syncing apps>
*<other kdepim apps>
*<other kdepim apps>
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==System Tools==
==System Tools==

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Apps Menu Structure Proposal. I'd like to make apps menu more fine-grained by introducing submenus



  • Konqueror
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Akregator

File download and sharing

  • aMule
  • KTorrent
  • KGet
  • KFtpGrabber


  • KMail
  • Kopete
  • Konversation
  • Kontact
  • KAddressBook
  • Knode


  • KPPP
  • KRDC
  • KRFB
  • <monitoring apps?>


Play and Management

  • amarok
  • <videoplayers>
  • <tag editors>

Creation and editing

  • Kino
  • Audacity


View and Management

  • Okular
  • Gwenview
  • Digikam

Creation and editing

  • Krita
  • Kolourpaint
  • Gimp


  • Blinken


  • KHangMan
  • KWordQuiz
  • Parley


  • KmPlot
  • KAlgebra
  • Kig


  • KStars
  • Kalzium
  • KTurtle
  • Step


  • k3b
  • Okular
  • Kwrite

Time management and Work Organization

  • KOrganizer
  • KTimeTracker (remove from menu -- present as plasmoid)
  • Kalarm (remove from menu -- present as plasmoid?)
  • KNotes
  • kontact
  • <Syncing apps>
  • <other kdepim apps>

  • <openoffice apps>


  • <koffice apps>

Desktop publishing

  • scribus
  • kile
  • lyx

System Tools

  • k3b
  • Konsole
  • KSysGuard
  • KSystemLog
  • Strigi search
  • KSnapShot
  • <backup app>
  • <Accessibility apps>


  • <...>


  • kompare


  • KDevelop
  • KCachegrind
  • <Version control tools?>


  • Quanta


  • Lokalize




  • if several apps fulfill the same function (i.e. konqueror, opera, firefox), then their title should be in form of %function% - %appname%: "Web-browser - Konqueror", and they should be listed consequently
  • We need a special entries in .desktop files determining the priority (Menu-Priority, Menu-Priority-KDE, Menu-Priority-Gnome).
    • Because the order is important
    • apps with Menu-Priotity above 100 constant could be visually separated

by the line (they are the main apps in the category)

    • apps with Menu-Priotity below 10 may be hidden at all (i.e. they are rarely used by an average user)
    • If category has only 1 item, the item should be displayed instead of


    • Statistics is needed for this (simple voting?)
  • 'Utilities' category isn't needed at all. For example, 'root terminal' should be in System.
  • Plasmoids: a lot of small apps need to be turned into plasmoids.
    • charselect should be callable from anywhere but K-Menu
    • kcalc -- the same
    • dictionary applet

I like the way desktop widgets are displayed in Mac OS X (easy accessible any moment - e.g. clock, calendar, calc)

Alternatively, instead of 'Office' we could use 'Desktop Publishing', putting 'Groupware (Kontact)' into 'Internet' +merge 'Graphics' to 'Multimedia':

  • Multimedia
  • k3b
    • Music
      • Play and Manage (amarok, tag editors)
      • Create and edit (Audacity)
    • Video
      • Play
      • Create and edit (kino, etc)
    • Graphics
      • View and Manage (Gwenview, Digikam)
      • Create and edit (Krita, Kolourpaint, Gimp)

Critisism I recieved from [email protected] so far:

  • .... submenus are bad. They do not seem very usable to me, especially when the structure is not evident: ...
    • so it's better to look through all 10-20 entries (possibly in in each

category) before finding app that you need?

    • there should be no more then ~5 items in each category
  • This breaks traditional alphabetical order...
    • alphabetical order is of small value when user doesnt know the name of the

app he/she is looking for.

  • Somehow 11 items seems better than 4 submenus
    • but I wrote only few apps, in real life there will be more apps

And this is said to be false: "the menu is for newcomers, experienced users use 'Search' field anyway."

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