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Kiosk settings to put into place for KDE 4.4:


  • plasma-desktoprc
    • Removal of panel view (as opposed to the containment itself) (aseigo: this doesn't make any sense; the view is tied to the containment)
    • Panel geometry configuration (implemented)
    • Separation between system and user part (may be through an extra file plasma-desktoprc-user as an idea)
    • locked options should be hidden/disabled to the user (implemented in the panel config; additional specifics are needed for other options that are visible and modifiable even when they "aren't")
    • include/exclude list for applets (plasmoids), so the user can be limited to use only specific applets
    • drag and drop for the quicklauncher -> implemented in kde4.3
    • panel: immutable=2 prevent moving and configuring the panel and also prevents adding or moving applets. It would be an advantange, if these things can be configured separately, like
      • panel moveable: 0/1
      • panel configurable: 0/1
      • applets addable: 0/1
      • applets movable: 0/1
      • and so on
      • Same applies for the applets itself (removable: 0/1, ...)
      • aseigo: i don't think "addable" makes much sense, but being able to lock down each parameter (geometry, configuration..) would be good. it's unrelated to immutability, however.

Extended wishlist

  • for testing the final user settings while using profiles, the tool "kreadconfig" can be used. However, currently, this tool can only hanlde single values. It would be a great benifit, the the tool could also extract
    • single values
    • sections
    • config files
  • "Action Restrictions" seems to be mainly unsupported in KDE4. Please add support for:
    • action/menuedit=false
    • user/root=false
    • (some actions restriction do work, but konsole is the only program that I've found, that do list actions with "qdbus")
    • action restrictions for plasma
  • "KDE Control Module Restrictions" do not seem to work

Questions related to wishes

  • how to lock the quicklauncher in the way, that icons can not be added during a session?
    • how to remove kmenuedit at right-click onto the launcher?
    • how to disable/hide parts of the ksettingsmanager ?
    • in case the desktop gets into a state, where it gets unusable, plasma-appletrc (or even worse: the complete user setup) must be cleaned/deleted. Is there a tool/approach to save/extract specific settings from the user KDE settings? Things like bookmarks, Quicklauncher-configuration, ... Until now, we use a script for this. (aseigo: the entire user setup never needs to be removed; and things should not be able to be put into an unusable state; so i'm not really sure this is something to design for. being able to extract configuration for individual widgets or containments is something we want to implement, but i'm not sure what you'd do with them from there)

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