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Kiosk settings to put into place for KDE 4.4:


  • plasma-desktoprc
    • Removal of panel view (as opposed to the containment itself)
    • Panel geometry configuration
    • Separation between system and user part (may be through an extra file plasma-desktoprc-user as an idea)
    • locked options should be hidden/disabled to the user
    • include/exclude list for applets (plasmoids), so the user can be limited to use only specific applets
    • drag and drop for the quicklauncher -> implemented in kde4.3
    • panel: immutable=2 prevent moving and configuring the panel and also prevents adding or moving applets. It would be an advantange, if these things can be configured separately, like
      • panel moveable: 0/1
      • panel configurable: 0/1
      • applets addable: 0/1
      • applets movable: 0/1
      • and so on
      • Same applies for the applets itself (removable: 0/1, ...)

Extended wishlist

  • for testing the final user settings while using profiles, the tool "kreadconfig" can be used. However, currently, this tool can only hanlde single values. It would be a great benifit, the the tool could also extract
    • single values
    • sections
    • config files
  • "Action Restrictions" seems to be mainly unsupported in KDE4. Please add support for:
    • action/menuedit=false
    • user/root=false
    • (some actions restriction do work, but konsole is the only program that I've found, that do list actions with "qdbus")
    • action restrictions for plasma
  • "KDE Control Module Restrictions" do not seem to work

Questions related to wishes

  • how to lock the quicklauncher in the way, that icons can not be added during a session?
    • how to remove kmenuedit at right-click onto the launcher?
    • how to disable/hide parts of the ksettingsmanager ?
    • in case the desktop gets into a state, where it gets unusable, plasma-appletrc (or even worse: the complete user setup) must be cleaned/deleted. Is there a tool/approach to save/extract specific settings from the user KDE settings? Things like bookmarks, Quicklauncher-configuration, ... Until now, we use a script for this.

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