Projects/Plasma/4.0.2 Backporting Session

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Changes to consider

  • toolbox improvements (including the "new" animation introduced post 4.0)
    • 758309 Change in phase for a better timing of the toolbox
  • panel config (size/span/location, adding/removing of panels)
  • systray (if it's not already)
  • icon alignment algorithms
  • drag&drop panel-desktop in both directions, with visual feedback
  • being able to move applets (like somewhere added apps) on the panel
  • miscellaneous
  • kickoff
    • 762886++ kickoff/simpleapplet improvements
    • 760969 prettier tab buttons
  • krunner
    • <aseigo> ruphy: oh, that's actually another good one to add to the backports list: crash fixes for krunner... with the bigLock() method

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