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notmart: me to advance plasma-mobile

[19:00] <darktears> :D [19:00] <notmart> :) [19:01] <MoRpHeUz> help darktears with plasma-mobile, help aseigo with plasma-edu, finish the new sharebin dataengine and migrate the pastebin widget to that. [19:01] <MoRpHeUz> and maybe a wallpaper plugin that uses nepomuk tags :) [19:01] <notmart> there was already something on that right? [19:01] * Chani again wishes for amarok-on-n900 [19:01] * mgraesslin is afk - sorry [19:01] <Chani> aanyways [19:02] <rrix> whoa, afk typing, awesome ;) [19:02] <Chani> my plans for 4.6 basically all revolve around activities [19:02] <MoRpHeUz> notmart: something on what? [19:02] <notmart> rrix: mind waves, put on your tin foil hat [19:02] <rrix> :D [19:02] <notmart> MoRpHeUz: the allpaper plugin with nepomuk tags [19:02] <CIA-4> camuffo * r1150309 plasma/trunk/playground/base/plasma/containments/groupingdesktop/lib/ (abstractgroup.h groupingcontainment.h): apidox++ [19:02] * notmart was convinces having seen something [19:03] <rrix> Chani: do you wanna talk about what you came up with on le bus last night? [19:03] <MoRpHeUz> notmart: yeah, I had a patch long time ago that probably doesn't apply anymore hehe :P [19:03] <notmart> I'll work on plasma-mobile too, on the netbook and all my plans for plasma-desktop are basically boring fixes and things like that :) [19:03] <Chani> getting the session support in, making kwin work with automatic associations, re-evaluating the manual associations, getting the activitymanager ui finished, making other activity-related plasmoids if I can... [19:03] <Chani> rrix: basically my last email [19:03] <Chani> that the ranking thing is good [19:03] <rrix> right on [19:04] <notmart> for plasma-desktop [19:04] <Chani> I was thinking that just because a file has some relation to my current activity, doesn't mean its related to it right *now* [19:04] <Chani> it could be that a file is used for one activity at one time then becomes useful for another activity at another time, and shouldn't necessarily bleed over [19:04] <notmart> i would like 4.6 basically even more a polishing release than 4.5, i really think we're at the point the featres we need for a while are here [19:05] <notmart> so important will be most of all finish the activities indeed [19:05] <Chani> ah, I'd also like to see 4.6 have netbook and mobile activities [19:05] <ivan|home> Chani: the ranking was planned from the very beginning [19:05] <Chani> ivan|home: huh, I never heard about it [19:05] <notmart> Chani: yep, indeed, i must start to look around it [19:06] <ivan|home> lukas and I were talking about that at t4 [19:06] <Chani> of course, determining appropriate algorithms for ranking, and thresholds for kwin, could be interesting [19:06] <notmart> they will be more basic and barebone, but useful here as well [19:06] <ivan|home> and planning how and what :) [19:06] <Chani> oh yeah, and multiscreen [19:06] <darktears> Chani can dream of amarok on the N900, lot of work is needed [19:07] <rrix> I guess my 4.6 stuff... I wanna play with Context a bit. It's been explained to me a few different times in different ways (:P) but the general idea is something I want to see happen... A lot of location-aware stuff too, geoclue, etc.... kpart stuff and probably some activities stuff for good measure, mostly in that order of priority. [19:07] <notmart> i really think some kind of ui to load the containments of an unused screen could becme necessary at some point [19:07] <notmart> the problem is just how to do a non ugly ui [19:07] <Chani> I want multiscreeen to be reliable, and I need a tool for rearranging containments when activities have >1 [19:07] <rrix> Chani: btw, someone was in here earlier asking about that in 4.5 :p [19:07] <Chani> notmart: ya [19:07] --> aoszkar has joined this channel ([email protected]). [19:08] <Chani> notmart: just to complicate it: another thing for 4.6 (maybe backport to 4.5) is to save the unused ones to disk [19:08] <MoRpHeUz> notmart: +1 for polish. (I would even drop the nepomuk wallpaper to give more time for polishing) [19:08] <Chani> notmart: so the other-screen ctmts may not even be ruinning [19:09] <ivan|home> nepomuk wallpaper? [19:09] <notmart> Chani: there could be maybe even a slightly complex "activity editor" ui (all qwidget based) that could let tweak all this stuff, like containments on other screens, list of documents associated etc.. [19:09] <aseigo> polish++; however, we should also have some "sizzle" in the pan ... some advancements that people can sink their teeth into [19:09] <aseigo> activities could be exactly that. [19:09] <aseigo> notmart: yes... [19:09] <Chani> so you need a UI that's within plasma, that can swap containments around and show them and delete unwanted ones... [19:09] --> [Po]lentino has joined this channel (~Po][email protected]). [19:10] <Chani> notmart: yeah maybe. this is all "advanced" stuff [19:10] <notmart> aseigo: yep, for 4.6 the activities if advanced enough could be advertized as the big thing for the release [19:10] *** wilder is now known as wilder||||. [19:10] <aseigo> hm.. when we talk about polish.. that's mostly about plasma desktop and netbook [19:10] <Chani> ohcrap. I still haven't looked at screensaver problems. was just too tired... [19:10] <Chani> ok, guess that's my task for the weekend :P [19:10] <aseigo> Chani: 4.5.1 fixes maybe :) [19:10] <svuorela> polish is a element in elegance [19:10] <aseigo> unless you can do it this weekend, yes :) [19:10] <notmart> aseigo: well yeah, edu and mobile would probably still live in playground.. [19:11] <aseigo> and media center [19:11] <Chani> aseigo: I keep forgetting we have x.x.1 releases :) [19:11] <notmart> and have separate releases when its time [19:11] <aseigo> and plasmate (god, can we ever get that released?!) [19:11] <notmart> aseigo: do you think the mediacenter should be part of debase-workspace? [19:11] <notmart> and as early as 4.6? [19:11] <aseigo> so, settling plasma-desktop and plasma-netbook down, along with their associated plasmoids is a nice way to be able to shift more resources on to the new items [19:11] <notmart> hould ask more to their developers tough [19:12] <MoRpHeUz> aseigo: true :) [19:12] <notmart> we'll see how it will go [19:12] <aseigo> yes, that's more up to the pmc people.. but it should end up living in kdebase-workspace imho [19:12] <notmart> ok [19:12] <aseigo> and i think we can quite easily manage a 0.1 release with SC 4.6, yes [19:12] <svuorela> sohud edu shell end up in workspace or in edu ? [19:12] <MoRpHeUz> plasma-edu stuff will probably live in extragears [19:12] <aseigo> svuorela: it's going into extragear atm [19:13] <aseigo> we don't want it tied to the SC release cycle right now, since it's supposed to support the educational deployments [19:13] <notmart> for the netbook itself apart the usual bugfixing (and work to make the parts work on tablets) i think it's basically "it" [19:13] <svuorela> is it going to require libraries in kdebase-workspace ? [19:13] <aseigo> which have their own deployment schedules [19:13] <aseigo> no [19:13] <notmart> what i would need are some more default widgets, especially pim related (/me stares at rrix) [19:13] <rrix> It better not ;) [19:13] <aseigo> it will require binaries from kdebase-workspace, though (e.g. plasma-desktop) [19:13] <MoRpHeUz> svuorela: it may be even just config stuff and not a completely new shell :) [19:13] <rrix> notmart: *whistles innocently* [19:13] <aseigo> yes, i really hope to (and think we can) avoid a whole new shell [19:14] <notmart> rrix: do you made also some pim related plasmoids in gsoc? i remember havin seen one about birthdays [19:14] <rrix> notmart: Yessir [19:14] <svuorela> how do I as a packagcer make the edu shell easy usable for teh user ? [19:14] <MoRpHeUz> aseigo: +1 on that :) [19:14] <Chani> so... 4.6 is Alternate Shels, Polish, and Activities? [19:14] <notmart> rrix: that's great, they will end up in the netbook too probably so :D :) [19:14] <rrix> notmart: oh dear, you're doomed :P [19:14] <aseigo> svuorela: you'd package up the plasmoids and layouts as "Plasma Classroom" (or whatever we end up really calling it :) ... it would depend on kdebase-workspace ... [19:15] <svuorela> and how does people use it? [19:15] <aseigo> svuorela: one of the technical hurdles we have to jump is how to decide which layouts to activate on log in (normal, edu..) .. we'll probably end up using kiosk for that, though... with the edu layout support landing in a different prefix [19:15] <notmart> aseigo: so i suppose the js layout of the classroom layout would replace the package of the normal plasma-desktop? [19:15] <aseigo> notmart: no, install next to it [19:16] <aseigo> well, at runtime it would "replace" it, yes... by being run instead of the standard layout script [19:16] <-- wilder|||| has left this server (Ping timeout: 276 seconds). [19:16] <Chani> aseigo: is edu going to be a whole layout panels and all, or an activity? [19:16] <aseigo> but on disk there would be both [19:16] <aseigo> Chani: yes [19:16] <aseigo> :P [19:16] <Chani> yes? [19:16] <Chani> :P [19:16] <notmart> Chani: a whole layout probably [19:16] <aseigo> yes, it'll be a whole layout ... [19:16] <notmart> that makes it harder to have both loaded in different activities.. [19:17] <aseigo> i hope to avoid creating a new containment (i don't think we'll need to..) [19:17] <aseigo> there will be new plasmoids [19:17] <svuorela> how would that work for e.g. back at aseigo's place with A and P sharing same computer and A wanting the normal desktop and P wanting the edu thing ? [19:17] <aseigo> and there will be one new major feature: the ability to subscribe to activity definitions from a source on the network [19:17] <aseigo> (in plasma-desktop) [19:17] * Chani does eventually want a couple of options for activity loading on login - default to what was open on logout, but also the option to start from one specific activity... [19:17] <notmart> aseigo: and the interesting thing would be, with just a new set of plasoids we could have both the edu desktop and edu netbook :) [19:17] <aseigo> i'm not 100% sure how we're going to do that.. but not in the sense of "i have no idea how that's technical possible", more in the sense of, "i can think of 3-4 ways of doing that ... need to pick one." [19:18] <notmart> and edu tablet, whatever whatevefr [19:18] <aseigo> notmart: exactly :) tablets ftw [19:18] <aseigo> so this also fits in nicely with the focus on Activity++ for 4.6 [19:19] <Sho_> aseigo: sorry, but got a "[19:06] <fulld> hello, I am looking for a KDE contact in regards to system integration for a custom distribution in an educational context" in #kde and have no idea what to answer … you guys just did something like this in Brazil, do you have a clue? [19:19] <notmart> aseigo: i was thinking about a separate tool where would be possible to say reload plasma with this layout discarding everything and maybe also enable/disable the systemimmutable config from there [19:19] <notmart> being a kcm or a really standalone app [19:20] <notmart> or there could just be an update script distributed in some way that nukes any existing config and enables the edu [19:20] <notmart> to massively deploy it [19:20] <rrix> notmart: like kiosktool? :) [19:21] <notmart> rrix: eh, boh, kinda :) [19:21] * rrix squeeeee [19:22] <Chani> soo... [19:22] <rrix> Maybe brb, getting hired :3 [19:22] <notmart> so, to recap, anybody will get to help for activities, i'll look for the support in netbook and mobile [19:22] <notmart> then i'll work mostly on bugfixing on netbook and desktop [19:22] <notmart> doing max of the damege in mobile :)


[19:28] <Chani> notmart: just one thing - does anyone want to volunteer to write a really simple screen-manager plasmoid? :) [19:28] <notmart> Chani: uuh, something like krandrtray? [19:29] * Chani feels bad about not having that feature in 4.5 [19:29] <rrix> What is the link to the wiki page on the kde-br educational installations? [19:29] <Chani> notmart: I was think more like something fugly and simple... like, a list of screen numbers, click on and you swap containments with that screen [19:30] <notmart> aah, ok [19:30] <aseigo> Sho_: what region? [19:30] <rrix> I can't find it in my scrollback :( [19:30] <Chani> of course Activity would have to be made less stupid about its containment handling to accomodate that [19:30] <aseigo> Sho_: nmind, asking him directly [19:30] <notmart> Chani: wouldn't be better something like a menu reachable some way from the activity manager? [19:30] <Sho_> aseigo: kk, thanks! [19:31] <Chani> notmart: in 4.6, yes. [19:31] <Klanticus> rrix: http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Plasma/Classroom#Brazil:_Edubar ? [19:31] <rrix> Klanticus: that's it, you're a doll <3 [19:32] <Chani> notmart: I was thinking, a basic tool on kde-look would be nice to point to for the handful of people who simply cannot live without the ability to swap ctmts between screens. [19:32] <Chani> but maybe I'm worrying too much? [19:32] <notmart> Chani: i would say let's think about it if we'll receive too much complaints? [19:32] <Chani> hmm. yeah [19:33] <notmart> (that is a 99% yes, by the way:p) [19:33] <Chani> *if* people complain, *then* someone can write a quick tool [19:33] <Chani> hrm. iof plasmoids even have enough access to do such things... [19:33] <aseigo> Chani: could also go into plasma addons in 4.6 [19:34] <Chani> but I think it'd be a lot like the old activitybar [19:34] <notmart> could even be a fork of it.. [19:34] <Chani> ow. why must bandaids be so sticky? [19:34] <aseigo> so.. just to steer this briefly back to planning topics... [19:34] <notmart> because otherwise they don't well.. stick? :p [19:35] <aseigo> haha yeah... [19:35] <aseigo> am i right in summarizing that: [19:35] <Chani> details :P [19:35] <aseigo> a) plasma desktop and plasma netbook will be receiving primarily polish work [19:35] <aseigo> b) Activities will be the Big Focus for new features [19:36] <aseigo> c) PMC, Plasma KPart, Plasma KDM, Plasma Mobile will become our "new feature" poster boys [19:36] <Chani> yes [19:36] <ivan|home> can't wait for kdmplasma [19:36] <notmart> aseigo: in c) also the edu? [19:37] <rrix> oh god, my work is a poster boy <3 [19:37] <aseigo> notmart: right, edu. had to know i'd forget one.


[19:41] <-- giucam has left this server (Remote host closed the connection). [19:41] <Chani> speaking of which, I guess we still have no plans for that? [19:41] <rrix> We have one plan for it now :P [19:41] <svuorela> come to copenhagen! [19:41] <notmart> the problem of those things is that they start as a joke, then they -do- hppen, gotta love it [19:42] --> it-s_ has joined this channel ([email protected]). [19:43] <-- comawhite has left this server (Remote host closed the connection). [19:43] <notmart> i would really like to have something in september-october [19:43] <ivan|home> notmart: you want a double-page? [19:43] <Chani> ok, well, if that's it.. I should get some breakfast and go back to shotgun debugging webkit :/ [19:43] <ivan|home> :) [19:43] <Chani> notmart: yeah, bit late for that now though [19:44] <Chani> there's an opensuse thing happening in october, I'll be at that if all goes well :) [19:44] <Chani> I wonder if I could talk about anything interesting there. they have a call for papers [19:44] <notmart> could think about it, but i'm really too unsure bout the future right now to commit to anything, so no paper i fear [19:44] <Tomasu> uhg, shotgun debugging.. I just changed to using a DataContainer and now my plasmoid isn't see any data updates from the data engine :( [19:45] * sreich chuckles at reading "plasma calendar" backlog :D [19:45] <Chani> "Any breathtaking new technology which will bring openSUSE to the next level needs to be presented here. Become a techno hero and enjoy the amazed faces in the audience by presenting the latest cool stuff. Showcase the latest developments that occur in your upstream project and that openSUSE will (or should!) include in the future." [19:46] <Chani> ^^ we should totally send someone

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