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[16:19] <MoRpHeUz> ok, notmart: any specific agenda ?
[16:19] <notmart> MoRpHeUz: i wanted mostly do the point of the situation
[16:19] <notmart> call it attack strategy
[16:20] <darktears_home> notmart:  for the mobile thing?
[16:20] <notmart> yeah, was the point of the meeting right?
[16:20] <MoRpHeUz> exactly
[16:20] <darktears_home> yep
[16:20] <notmart> and uh, the one of sunday morning didn't actually happen,  been postponed to -next- sunday
[16:20] <MoRpHeUz> one question is: can we use the sprint that Nokia is offering to help us somehow about this?
[16:20] <darktears_home> i think we should 
[16:20] <notmart> wasn't specifically about symbian?
[16:21] <darktears_home> but not to fix cmake on S60
[16:21] <darktears_home> to make KDE works well on what we have NOW
[16:21] <darktears_home> the N900 and intel devices
[16:21] <MoRpHeUz> darktears_home: +1...
[16:21] <notmart> yes, this one is the target, symbian is a bit a no go right now
[16:21] <MoRpHeUz> darktears_home: but assuring that the expectation is like this and not on S60 like notmart said, is something that is easier to achieve by your side than ours...
[16:21] <darktears_home> anyway N97 and N97 mini are hopeless at least for plasma
[16:22] <darktears_home> too bad hardware
[16:22] <notmart> yes, played with one for some days but yes, sloow
[16:22] <darktears_home> I mean i never heard about this sprint
[16:22] <darktears_home> Nokia is big
[16:23] <darktears_home> so i can ask who was the guy that offer that and talk to him directly
[16:23] <MoRpHeUz> darktears_home: yep, tell me that :P but maybe it's easier to reach the person behind this and see if this is concrete enough
[16:23] <MoRpHeUz> darktears_home: exactly what I meant :)
[16:23] <notmart> yeah, would be nice :)
[16:23] <notmart> darktears_home: ah, any updates on the think in june you talked to me once?
[16:23] <darktears_home> i just need to talk to frank
[16:24] <MoRpHeUz> besides that, I think that we should focus especially on usability and bringing a user experience that completes (and integrates) with our other "products" (desktop, netbook)
[16:24] <darktears_home> notmart: will happen on september, i had to say no because June is tough in my agenda i can't leave the office even a day
[16:24] <notmart> okie
[16:24] <darktears_home> notmart: which is nicer anyway akademy will be over
[16:24] <MoRpHeUz> notmart, aseigo, darktears_home: I know that this is something that our designers have been working during the last week (and weekend!) and soon we should have an idea
[16:24] <darktears_home> probably more to show/talk
[16:24] <notmart> yes
[16:25] <MoRpHeUz> from what I've heard from them, it's something that is easily "brandable" which means that MeeGo could easily get all of that and put their branding
[16:25] <MoRpHeUz> and use all the KDE technology that from our side could give all this "all together" experience....
[16:26] <notmart> a think i wanted to know: will we say something in the meego mailing list right now/wait/do what?
[16:26] <darktears_home> notmart: aseigo : MoRpHeUz : mail sent to Frank to get the name of the guy in Nokia
[16:26] <notmart> because, right now, they don't even know (or care) we exist
[16:26] <darktears_home> aseigo should have contact with thiago about it 
[16:26] <darktears_home> aseigo: what is the status?
[16:26] <aseigo> yes, we need to poke our head up there. i sent an email there the first week i was subscribed, but apparently it never made it through
[16:26] <notmart> i think if we want some possibilities in meego we should move now, but, what this "move" would be i have no idea
[16:27] <MoRpHeUz> notmart: +1
[16:27] <darktears_home> aseigo: thiago can help us a LOT
[16:27] <aseigo> there are two sides to that: public and private
[16:27] <darktears_home> aseigo: would you mind to poke him
[16:27] <aseigo> darktears_home: i already have, after last week's "kde spring cleaning" meeting
[16:27] <notmart> in theory last sunday should have been about that, but apparently everybody forgot
[16:28] <darktears_home> ok because even me i have no clue who to talk in Meego
[16:28] <aseigo> publicly we need to poke our heads up on the meego list and note what our strategy is and how it mingles with meego's strategy, namely:
[16:28] <aseigo> * we're both looking at the device spectrum rather than just one corner of the devices space
[16:28] <aseigo> * we're both working on top of Qt
[16:29] <MoRpHeUz> aseigo: agreed
[16:29] <darktears_home> yep....so the fucking mailing list never sent your email....
[16:29] <darktears_home> i'm gonna register right now...we need to be more present there i think
[16:29] <notmart> the reason i was hesitant of write anything in there was  that i don't know how to put that different from "we are the best guys in town, so use our stuff that is better than your, kthxbye"
[16:30] <darktears_home> lol
[16:30] <MoRpHeUz> ahahaha
[16:30] <notmart> i am registered since a while, but yeah, never made it
[16:30] <darktears_home> no but just letting them knows we exists we some update time to time to show them that with the same device spectrum we have already something
[16:30] <darktears_home> running that mature every day
[16:30] <notmart> no clue if is moderated even for subscribed people or not
[16:31] <aseigo> i'd like to see us go a 'non-confrontational' route and note that we are working on primary UI + app framework helpers that are a great fit for meego that others can choose to use; that we'd be excited for the opportunity to see plasma used for a reference or default UI on a meego profile, such as mobile, but that it's more important to us that our work is easily available to those buiding products around meego
[16:31] <darktears_home> yep, i agree we don't want to start flamewars
[16:31] <aseigo> and yes, we should send some links to videos / screencasts and some links to where our code is
[16:32] <aseigo> ah, and we should also note about the different kdelibs profiles
[16:32] <MoRpHeUz> good, I like the approach too :D
[16:32] <aseigo> that would get us visibe there
[16:32] <darktears_home> (OT : you know why i'm not active in Plasma recently, I'm fixing QML)....
[16:32] <aseigo> darktears_home: yay! :)
[16:32] <notmart> darktears_home: that's good it needs it :)
[16:32] <darktears_home> aseigo: we will get *almost* all we need
[16:32] <darktears_home> :p
[16:32] <aseigo> on the less public side, i'm back home now and am supposed to be setting up a conf call with the Qt people in Redwood 
[16:33] <notmart> nice
[16:33] <darktears_home> hehe
[16:33] <aseigo> notmart: we need to ping the intel guy again and see if he  can't get us talking with the meego people in portland
[16:33] <notmart> aseigo: +1
[16:33] <darktears_home> you're sitting with Qt people from Oslo in Brisbane event better :D
[16:33] <darktears_home> tell them that fuckers!
[16:33] <darktears_home> :p
[16:33] <aseigo> what we should aim for there (and what is my goal) is to do a quick phone meet, and schedule an in-person "show and tell" session
[16:34] <darktears_home> aseigo: the cool thing is that Intel thing are not far from you
[16:34] <notmart> some that would help too is providing packages... but i learned the hard way that i have realy no clue how to do one, crap :/
[16:34] <darktears_home> and Nokia offices from me and notmart
[16:34] <aseigo> and not so much with the technical people (they are important too, but we can reach them through the mailing list), but with the -sales- and marketing folks
[16:34] <darktears_home> so we just need the right persons
[16:34] <aseigo> darktears_home: yes
[16:34] <aseigo> exactly
[16:34] <darktears_home> but who the fuck are they :D?
[16:34] <darktears_home> the gold question
[16:34] <aseigo> which is what thiago shoudl be able to help us with for the redwood people, and then we just need to find our way to the portland people
[16:35] <aseigo> yes...
[16:35] <notmart> they hide under rocks i think..
[16:35] <sKreamer> ::Plasma:: Plasma :: Re: One-Key Shortcut for K-Menü @ http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=87198&p=154675#p154675 (by Neremor)
[16:35] <darktears_home> i'll try to find my way in finland
[16:35] <darktears_home> me and notmart are invited in a conference about QML/Plasma-Mobile with some maemo/meego developper as well as Nokia subcontractors
[16:35] <aseigo> notmart: can you send an update to our intel contact in europe, noting where we are at, what we've been up to, CC me as well, and ask if he can set up a conf call with the people in portland since i'm just a few hours north of them?
[16:35] <darktears_home> so i hope that to be nice
[16:36] <aseigo> darktears_home: ah, when is that?
[16:36] <darktears_home> september
[16:36] <MoRpHeUz> darktears_home: Nokia subcontractors?
[16:36] <darktears_home> after summer and akademy
[16:36] <darktears_home> i can't say the name of the company
[16:36] <darktears_home> on IRC
[16:36] <notmart> yeah, september quite far, i hope something will start before..
[16:36] <MoRpHeUz> darktears_home: ah, ok
[16:36] <darktears_home> yep me too
[16:36] <MoRpHeUz> darktears_home: just wondering :)
[16:37] <notmart> i don't know when they will decide what to use for the ui but i sense quite shortly
[16:37] <darktears_home> but at least the we'll have something to show more advanced than today
[16:37] <darktears_home> yes agree too
[16:37] <MoRpHeUz> I really hope that at most by the end of this week we have all the concepts written down by the design team and then we can start discussing it with them
[16:37] <darktears_home> i will poke again thiago tomorrow
[16:37] <MoRpHeUz> (even the mockups and videos)
[16:37] <darktears_home> MoRpHeUz: that's your job master....
[16:38] <MoRpHeUz> this should give us a nice place to start as they always have ideas that are great to show off products ;)
[16:38] <MoRpHeUz> darktears_home: :P
[16:38] <notmart> MoRpHeUz: +1, i'm not too happy on how it works right now and i didn't want to go too far in a direction that maybe would have to be thrown away :)
[16:38] <MoRpHeUz> notmart: exactly my point
[16:38] <MoRpHeUz> notmart: that's why I "paused" it's development from my side  for a little bit too
[16:39] <darktears_home> yep so we need to move forward as well too
[16:39] <notmart> aseigo: for the intel guy... the problem is that he wanted packages, that is a thing i really don't think i'm able to give i should say eerr, we weren't able to give you that, buuut, we still want to talk :/
[16:40] <darktears_home> package for what? n900?
[16:40] <darktears_home> or moblin?
[16:40] <notmart> it was for moblin at the times
[16:40] <darktears_home> can't you just tar the big thing?
[16:40] <notmart> it ould probaly be meego at this point
[16:40] <darktears_home> and write half baked script to run it?
[16:40] <aseigo> notmart: just say that with the whole meego thing having come up since then it's put us into a "changing gears" sort of thing
[16:40] <notmart> aseigo: yes, good idea
[16:41] <notmart> darktears_home: well in theory yes, quite crappy job tough :)
[16:41] <darktears_home> notmart: i agree, that's how i did for my bossa conf on the N900
[16:41] <darktears_home> :D
[16:41] <aseigo> notmart: that we'd been working on packaging issues, which turned out to be a bit bigger than expected on our side, and then meego pops up and we're now waiting on the new build env, but would like to continue moving this forward in the meantime
[16:41] <aseigo> MoRpHeUz: will be quite interesting to see what they come up with...
[16:42] <darktears_home> aseigo:  don't expect too much.....
[16:42] <MoRpHeUz> aseigo: yep, they were working on the new webkit logo too and that's why things get delayed =/
[16:42] <darktears_home> aseigo: a cross compilation based thing will be the best
[16:42] <darktears_home> aseigo: but i wouldn't bet my life
[16:42] <aseigo> darktears_home: sure, it's just a convenient story for us atm :)
[16:43] <darktears_home> hehe but they released a first meego thing recently
[16:43] <darktears_home> just a terminal i think
[16:43] <darktears_home> i don't think there was any SDK
[16:43] <aseigo> ok, i need to go ... to wrap up: thiago, intel guy, get plasma-mobile UI moving again by end of this week after MoRpHeUz' design friends get there stuff in ... sound about right?
[16:43] <notmart> yes, i tried it, is just terminal
[16:43] <aseigo> darktears_home: yes
[16:43] <notmart> it boots in like half a second tough, :)
[16:43] <MoRpHeUz> aseigo: yep! :D
[16:43] <aseigo> ugh.. is it just me or is reviewboard.kde.org down/slow?
[16:43] <aseigo> i can't even get to https://mail.kde.org/mailman/admindb/plasma-devel
[16:44] <notmart> aseigo: seems to work here
[16:44] <notmart> your interwebs is broken :)
[16:44] <aseigo> gar
[16:44] <aseigo> hmmm.. kde.org works fine.. plasma.kde.org not so much.. gah
[16:44] <darktears_home> canada has some internet issues
[16:45] <aseigo> darktears_home: haha.. apparently.
[16:45] <notmart> canada was expelled from the internet, probably
[16:45] <notmart> so, to keep serious, to write down some points:
[16:45] <notmart> *write to the intel dude
[16:46] <notmart> *write an introduction for the meego list
[16:46] <darktears_home> *sort out the sprint thing (i'll do it)
[16:46] <notmart> (the intel dude thing mainly to organize something in portland)
[16:48] <notmart> and uuh, that's it for now?anything else?
[16:49] <notmart> i am writing to the dude, then i can do a draft for the meego list, i want everybody to agree with the text tough )
[16:50] <aseigo> sounds goo :)
[16:50] <aseigo> er, good
[16:50] <darktears_home> sounds good
[16:50] <darktears_home> i'll get some details for the srpint
[16:50] <darktears_home> if it can be turn out on a non s60 focus event
[16:51] <notmart> yeah, because s60 is really out of scope (and i would even say the slowness is the least of problems, is the build env that is really not workable right now)
[16:52] <darktears_home> :D
[16:52] <darktears_home> yep
[16:54] <MoRpHeUz> notmart: (I will get the work from the designers)
[16:54] <notmart> nice :)
[16:54] <notmart> MoRpHeUz: what will be? mockups mostly?
[16:54] <MoRpHeUz> notmart: mockups, texts explaining the whole thing too....everything in a presentation mode probably
[16:55] <notmart> nice
[16:55] <MoRpHeUz> they told me that they would even do some video, but I'm not so sure about that
[16:56] <notmart> i hope it has been useful for everybody (that being hated forever from the aseigo gf it was at least wrth eheh :p)
[16:58] <notmart> to me a key point will also be to get help from some -real- packager, that is a big link missing right now

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