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This page is about the various efforts to bring SyncML to KDE via Akonadi. The Wikipedia article also contains a lot of useful links at the end.



GSoC 2010

Dinesh: Bringing SyncML support to Akonadi for KDE

Seasons of KDE 2010

Ravi: Develop SyncEvolution GUI frontend for KDE

GSoC 2009

A SyncML Agent for Akonadi was developed last year.

It uses the Funambol C++ Client SDK as the SyncML backend and implements a client and a server agent, the latter being mostly a WIP. The former is able to sync contacts, tasks and appointments as reliable as Funambol allows it.

The code is to be found in playground/pim/syncml. Someone also stepped up saying he improved it further, but hasn't send a patch yet.


Akunambol is the glue between Akonadi and Funambol. Since funambol bases on SyncML, akunambol can also sync to other Servers like for example Horde.

Akunambol uses the funambol-client-sdk for the SyncML part.

Currently only contacts can be synced. Calendar support has been started.

On the KDE side there is a small standalone sync application and a KCModule allowing to configure sync servers and autosync schedules. The autosync is done by a KDED module.

Source can be found on

IRC Meetings

The first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 2nd of May, 17:00 UTC (19:00 CET). We will use #akonadi-syncml on Freenode.


- Every project should give a brief overview about it's current state and directions
- Discussion about a unified GUI effort

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