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This page is meant to collect various planned features/enhancements. For the release planning all features that you want to implement should be listed in (you can for instance just link here).


Planned Features

This section is for features where you have concrete plans for implementation (doesn't have to be in the next release). A short description, the approximate timeline if you know already (e.g. for version X), and the reason why the feature is needed would be interesting.

New Kolab-Resource that derives from the IMAP-Resource

  • By: Christian Mollekopf
  • Planned for: 4.14

I plan to replace the kolab proxy with a new resource that derives from the imap resource (so no additional agent anymore). Each imap resource would have two root collections, one for email and one for groupware data.


The primary reason is to reduce the overall complexity of the design, I expect the new resource to be easier to debug (because it's mostly the same codebase as the imap resource) and to be less error prone (because it's one less level of indirection). Other reasons are:

  • improved performance: we can convert the objects directly inline, which saves processing power.
  • we have one configuration per account (as opposed to the kolabproxy), because each resource is only responsible for one account, allowing me to get rid of the per account configuration hacks in the kolabproxy.
  • A kolab account no longer requires two configuration dialogs, and the dialog can probably be simplified for kolab. (at least by default we only require server + login + password).
  • The groupware folders no longer need to be hidden in the email client because they are not created anymore


List in this section ideas that you think should be implemented, but you currently have no plans of working on in the near future. It will hopefully allow us to share some of the ideas that are currently only existing in one or the other head.

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