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KDE PIM for Mobile Devices

Stuff that needs to be done

A still very incomplete, high-level list of tasks.


Status Task Description Contact
TO DO Slideout Panels Make them as pretty as Nuno wants them to be [mailto: <>]
TO DO Text Input Focus Key presses end up in text input fields without focus <Artur>
TO DO Action slideout panel for more actions Find a way to organize more than 6 actions in there, Nuno, Björn and Steve have various ideas for that already [mailto: <>]
TO DO Native file dialogs There are ugly patches in komo/kdelibs which deal with some of them already [mailto: <>]
IN PROGRESS Progress reporting Indicate that a folder/mail/etc. is currently being loaded <Artur>
TO DO Startup Screen Initial Akonadi startup takes a bit, so show some progress for example. Also consider an error overlay like on the desktop. [mailto: <>]

KMail Mobile


Status Task Description Contact
TO DO Draft support Save and restore drafts Anselmo <anselmo.melo@openbossa.org>
DONE Feedback while processing Disable input, avoid double send clicks Anselmo <anselmo.melo@openbossa.org>
TO DO Feedback while processing progress feedback [mailto: <>]
TO DO Feedback while processing error reporting [mailto: <>]
TO DO Editor scrolling Eg. by expanding the editor to show the entire content and using a toplevel QML Flickable element [mailto: <>]