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There are issues with locking index files for KMail folders and mmap()/munmap() operations on Windows. Therefore, SQLite-based indices are in development. This page presents detailed development notes for this task.

Started: jstaniek 11:35, 23 April 2008 (CEST)


  • 2008-04-23
    • mIndexId unused - removed as well as serialIndexId()
    • indexLocation(): added .db suffix to indicate the index is sqlite-based
    • INDEX_VERSION is written and checked using 'PRAGMA user_version = <integer>' command
    • we do not use temporary filenames, e.g. in writeIndex(): SQLite takes care about safe storage
    • updateIndex() no changes, we're changing implementation of KMMsgBase::syncIndexString() and writeIndex() instead


  • 2008-04-23
    • move syncIndexString() to KMFolderIndex, where we can impleemnt it for SQLite differently

Status of porting to SQLite

KMFolderIndex:indexLocation() yes added .db suffix to indicate the index is sqlite-based

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