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! Small description !! Additional comments !! Status
! Small description !! Additional comments !! Status
|Crash when checking mail for the second time||||not started
|Renaming a transport: Identity config UI not updated immediately||||not started
|Renaming a transport: Identity config UI not updated immediately||||not started

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KDE4 related Bugs


Small description Additional comments Status
Special dates: Floating summary widget if there are no upcoming special dates not started
Kontact takes way too long to start up not started
Crash on shutdown when at least 2 parts were loaded fixed
Wrong icon for "New message" action not started
Toolbar actions different than stand-alone apps Checked only KMail so far not started
Progressbar takes too much space not started
Sidebar context menu: Checkboxes missing not started
KMail summary config crashes I am working on it (tmcguire)
Special Dates: everybody has birthday today fixed
Rearranging summary items by drag&drop does not work not started
"Request Feature..." probably obsolete by now not started
KMail/KOrganizer links in about dialog not clickable not started
Wrong layout for configure dialog: side pane does not have enough space not started
New Feed/New SMS actions crash Kontact not started


Small description Additional comments Status
Creating all-day events does not have any effect not started
Changing month in date-picker in top-left corner: Layout is changed because of different length of month names not started
Date-picker in top-left corner: Year has semicolon (2,008 instead of 2008) not started


Small description Additional comments Status
Crash when checking mail for the second time not started
Renaming a transport: Identity config UI not updated immediately not started
When deleting attachments, the message list selection is lost not started
Unable to cancel username/password dialog after creating empty IMAP account not started
POP3: SASL login broken Was only temporary bug fixed
Crash/Not working when "checking what the server supports" for SMTP Needs to be fixed before release not started
Closing composer: When asked to save as draft, message is NOT saved Possible dataloss not started
IMAP: Probably does not work (I did not check) Needs to be fixed before release not started
Encryption: Probably does not work (I did not check) Needs be fixed before release not started
KIMProxy stuff does not work. kdelibs and kopete parts will not be ready for KDE4. Completely remove? Kimproxy completely removed.
Arrow not drawn for toolbar actions which have more sub-actions, like "Check Mail" Probably kdelibs bug not started
HTML toolbar enabled by default not started
Sidebar which shows wether message is HTML unreadable because of colors (only for HTML mails) fixed
Missing icons: sent-mail,misc settings,refresh imap cache,reply/forward template,tip of the day,queue message/send message later,send mail via. Old icons:Spam,Ham Should contact kde-artists not started
Startup wizard: Layout of the "check what the server supports" page wrong not started
Changing default identity does not change the per-folder identity Suggestion: Add a "Use Default Identity" checkbox to the folder properties dialog fixed
Wrong sort indicator for QTreeWidget classes, for example in the attachment listview of the composer qt bug? not started
Shortcut dialog: Tag and template actions are not shown not started
Tag settings: Color picker broken bug in kdelibs? not started
Tag settings, templates, filters: Keyboard shortcut picker broken fixed
Fancy Header: Spam tooltip for bogofilters displays bogus probability fixed
Autocompletition of addresses: Clicking the addresses doesn't complete them fixed
POP3 with SSL doesn't work at all Needs to be fixed before release. Maybe problem with KSSL?
Fancy header: Spam status bar image broken not started
Sending messages with size > 11.5kb fails needs to be fixed before release not started
Progressbar at left instead of right (standalone) fixed
Detailed progressbar not entirely visble/layout broken fixed
Clicking the systray icon doesn't maximize/minimze KMail fixed
Checking what the POP server supports crashes (GMail) fixed
Reply templates don't appear in menu fixed
Saving message fails fixed
Moving messages to other folders. When selecting one message, two messages are moved. It seems that the signal is sent twice because when copying a message it will be copied twice. fixed
Drag&Drop for messages does not seem to work at all fixed
Ctrl+A wants to create a new subfolder fixed
messages marked as unread do not directly appear as unread in the folder list fixed
Spamassasin not found by wizard Cause:KConfigGroup::readEntry converts " to \", causing spamassassin -V | grep "blah" to fail. Bug in KConfig? probably fixed
mark message as todo/important: incorrect checkbox or wording fixed
Pressing some keys (se for me) in the folder select dialog causes it to freeze. Seems to be infinite repaint chain bug. can't reproduce anymore. Fixed?
Account settings take ages to open seems fixed
Crash when closing kmail backtrace fixed
Folder menu: First entries different from the RC file fixed
Problems when creating subfolder in KMFolderTree fixed


Small description Additional comments Status
Incorrect background color in right pane: gray background on white background not started
When editing a person, I got a crash in kabcore.cpp:681, addr.resource() is valid, but addr.resource()->readOnly() points to bad memory. fixed
Cannot change the name of an addressbook Seems to be an infinite loop not started
Cannot save addressbook for standard resource (std.vcf) reported by toma not started
Crash when exiting kaddressbook after editing contact. d->mManager is 0 in kdepimlibs/kabc/addressbook.cpp:443 not started

Porting to KDE4

Application Small description Status
kmail IdentityListView -> QTreeWidget finished
kmail,korganizer,kalarm port ui3 designer files finished
kpilot port ui3 designer files not started

Junior Jobs

Application Small description Status Contact
kmail make "Classify Spam" and "Classify Ham" actions do something useful. Like run sa_learn. fixed --
kmobiletools port kserialdeviceemulator to Qt4, and fix it

(more information here)

not started Marco Gulino (marco AT kmobiletools.org)

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