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  • User should not be allowed to deselect the day on which the event was planned in the weekly recurrence
  • Icon for request response
  • Add a toggle button to enable/disable alarms
  • fix i18n stuff
  • Add indications to tabs when recurrence/alarms/attachmenets are set
  • Remove "completed" from the attendee actions menu for events (it only makes sense for todos).
  • Set the tool tip of attendeeline combos to current selected labels.
  • Fix invitation handling
  • Merge r1130254 [1]
  • Merge r1130278 [2]
  • Merge incidence editors ng with korg
  • get rid of old code
  • complete the text based free time slot search UI (KOMO-523)
    • integrate the gantt chart port as the "visual" free time slot search
    • populate list view with free time slots, and allow selection

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