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Akonadi Test and Benchmark Infrastructure

Akonadi Testrunner

Igor's GSoC project, found in kdepimlibs/akonadi/tests/testrunner.

Documentation based on Igor's mail to kde-pim ML: First you need create a configuration file in KStandDirs config resource type(try to use:kde4-config --path config , to find the path in my case the path is /usr/share/kde4/config) , the configuration file is a xml and look like:

  <!--  path to your KDE installation prefix -->
  <kdehome>/home/igor/kde/installs/trunk </kdehome>
  <!-- path to Akonadi configuration, ie. the stuff that
       usually goes into ~/.config/akonadi/ -->
  <!-- path to Akonadi data, ie. the stuff that usually
       goes into ~/.local/share/akonadi/ -->
  <!-- load resources of the specified types -->
  <!-- load items from the specified file into the specified
       target collection -->
  <item location="/path/to/file.vcf"

After that you only needs to run the testrunner:


and it creates a shell script file in your current directory called testenvironment.sh and you just need to run it.

%source testenvironment.sh

And right now you have a self contained Akonadi server.

KNUT Test Data Resource

In kdepim/akonadi/resources, fully featured resource that operates on a single XML file. File format is decribed in knut.xsd and follows closely the internal structure of Akonadi. New files can be created in eg. Akonadiconsole by creating a resource and specifying a non-existing file.

Akonadi Scriptable Resource

Second part of Igor's GSoC project, currently in playground/pim/akonaditest.


Akonadi Benchmarker

In kdepimlibs/akonadi/test, part of Robert's thesis.



Akonadi Server

Usable without installation, run with ctest/make test as usual.


Better coverage than the above, but require special test data from kdesupport/akonadi/server/src/storage to be applied before every run (destroys all existing data, so be careful). Needs porting to the Akonadi Testrunner.


Are there any? TODO

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