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** Kontact Interface
** Kontact Interface
* Porting KMail to Akonadi
* Application porting status and planning, data and settings migration:
** KMail
** KOrganizer
** Akregator
* Nepomuk integration
* Nepomuk integration

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This page is about the upcoming Akonadi Meeting in October 2009.

Date: October 16th (Friday) - October 18th (Sunday)


Location / Travel Information


Adalbertstrasse 7/8
10999 Berlin
Phone: +49-30-5213254-70

Getting there from the hotel: takes about 15 minutes to walk, just follow the others, most have been here already ;-)

Hotel -> Office map

Getting there directly: Take the subway line U8 to "Kottbusser Tor".

Subway and rail map of Berlin


Hotel Ibis Berlin City Ost
An der Schillingbrucke 2
10243 Berlin
Phone: (+49)30/257600 
Fax : (+49)30/25760333

Easiest way to reach the hotel is by taking a train to Ostbahnhof (it's just across the street from the station). If your train doesn't stop there, take the S-Bahn from Hauptbahnhof, any east-bound line will do.

From TXL take the bus labeld 'TXL' to Hauptbahnhof or Alexanderplatz and switch to the S-Bahn there, any east-bound train will do.

In both cases you'll need a single 'AB' Ticket, which can be purchased on ticket machines and costs 2.10€.


Non-locals, please add yourself, your travel details and accommodation needs to the following table.

Name Travel Arrival Departure Accommodation needed
Tobias König train 16th, around 16:00 18th, around 17:30 yes
Thomas McGuire train 14th, around 17:00 18th, around 15:00 yes
Tom Albers train 16th, around 16:00 18th yes
Dmitry Ivanov plane 16th, around 12:00 18th, around 15:00 no
Andras Mantia plane 14th, 17:05 TXL 19th, morning yes
Sebastian Trueg train 16th afternoon 18th, ~ 18:00 yes (prefer not to share a room and will pay myself)
Martin Koller plane 16th around 12:30 18th, ~ 18:00 yes
Sascha Peilicke no
Kevin Ottens plane 11th 18th yes
Will Stephenson drive 16th pm 18th no
Brad Hards train in, flight out 16th around 13:30 19th, 11:05 TXL yes

Locals present anyway:

  • Bertjan Broeksema
  • Frank Osterfeld
  • Steve Kelly
  • Till Adam
  • Volker Krause


Please collect stuff you want to do/discuss here.

  • We have quite some new public API which needs to be reviewed, in the following libraries:
    • Mailtransport
    • MessageViewer
    • KMime
    • Akonadi Core
    • Akonadi Contact
    • Akonadi KMime
    • Kontact Interface
  • Application porting status and planning, data and settings migration:
    • KMail
    • KOrganizer
    • Akregator
  • Nepomuk integration
    • Fix the usage of non-Fast resources in the feeder agents
  • Extensions
    • Free / busy management
    • Mail Handling / Rules (Sieve, etc)
  • StandardActionManager redesign (to support multiple views and extensibility)

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