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This page is about the Akonadi Meeting in April 2009.

Date: April 3rd (Friday) - April 5th (Sunday)


Adalbertstrasse 7/8
10999 Berlin


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  • GSoC selection
  • KAddressbook vs. KContactManager
  • Resolve the POP3 agent/resource design disagreement
  • User feedback
  • Investigate the Lionmail performance issue
  • Mail part splitting
  • Searching
  • How should virtual collections/linking be handled? (thread) Open issues include
    • whether it should be possible to have both real items and linked items in one collection. If it was allowed it could take away difficult tasks like determining if a collection is virtual (currently hardcoded with search resource identifier in collectionutils_p.h).
    • how to determine if a user operation such as moves are permitted to/from the collection (possibly using collection rights).
    • Should list jobs fetch linked items or should that be configurable in the job?
    • Figure out use cases for virtual collections. Current ones include search collections, nepomuk tagging, 'single inbox'. The tagging and inbox idea are probably just specialized searches anyway.
    • Should it be possible to link collections as well as items?
    • Should it be possible to cascade virtual collections? (nepomuk tag trees say yes). This is possibly a non issue because there is actually nothing virtual about virtual collections. It could be a regular collection tree which happens to contain no real items and only links to items.
  • Progress on implementing move support in akonadi. (thread)
  • Can we have a recursive version of contentMimeTypes? (needed by entityTreeModel and could make filtering more sensible)
  • Do we need to set some standards of compliance for names of Payload parts? Considering not all resources from third parties will use our stuff (KABC etc) we need to make sure they use the same names for payload parts.
  • Should Monitor be configurable to watch {un,}subscribed collections?
  • How should statistics work and what information should they give? They should show counts of a particular mimetype in a collection, not just total count. Possibly also counts of items with a particular flag or attribute (new, watched important etc). eg, int CollectionStatistics::countMimetype(const QString &mimeType ), int CollectionStatistics::countAttribute(Akonadi::Attribute attr, const QString &mimeType= QString()), int countFlags(Akonadi::Item::Flags flags, const QString &mimeTypes), (etc?)
  • Do we need a way to know what payload parts are available to an item (or is it possible) or a bool Item::hasFullPayload()?
  • Group photo

Meeting Notes

This section needs improvements: Please help us to

cleanup confusing sections and fix sections which contain a todo

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