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** build composer lib based on Stephen's content strategy work for 4.3
** build composer lib based on Stephen's content strategy work for 4.3
** get rid of the automatic multipart creation on addContent() in KMime
** get rid of the automatic multipart creation on addContent() in KMime

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This page is all about the Akonadi Meeting.

Date: Oct 31th (friday) to Nov 2nd (sunday).


[edit] Location/links:

[edit] Attendees

Name Travel Arrival Departure Roomtype
Volker Krause train 31 2 single
Till Adam train 31 2 single
Tom Albers car 31 (m) 2 (e) single
Thomas McGuire train 31 2 single
Kevin Krammer plane 31 (m) 2 (e) shared with Will
Will Stephenson train 31 2 shared with Kevin
Bertjan Broeksema car (toma) 31 (m) 2 (e) shared with ingo
Ingo Klöcker train 31 (m) 2 (e) shared with Bertjan
Igor Trindade Oliveira plain/car (toma) 31 (m) 2 (e) shared with Stephen
Stephen Kelly plane/train 31 (m) 2 (e) shared with Igor

m = morning e = evening

- Room reservations are out for these 7 rooms ( 4 single and 3 shared). - This reservation is confirmed by LinuxHotel.

[edit] Costs

Per person for the location:

  • 5 euro per person per day for the conference room -> 3 days * 5 euro = 15 euro
  • 15 euro per person per night for a double room -> 2 nights * 15 euro = 30 euro
  • or 30 euro per person per night for a single room -> 2 nights * 30 euro = 60 euro
  • 5 euro per person per day for the breakfast -> 2 (sat, sun) * 5 = 10 euro
  • 5 euro per person for the cleaning -> 5 euro

These costs are payed by the eV directly.

You need to pay for all the food and drinks not included in the price above. Rumors say beer is included ;-) All those payments are not refundable.

Travel costs are refundable, by filling out the form from: http://ev.kde.org/resources/expense_report.pdf

For Igor there has been made a special arrangement.

[edit] Arrange / Todo list

If you want to do any of the items on the list, add your sig to it!

  • some webcams so people can join the event remotely. At least Brad and Tobias want to join in. (I can bring webcams. Functioning software is another matter - don't expect kopete webcam to work... Bille)

[edit] Agenda

  • Presentation about Akonadi Test framework
  • Session about KMime - api review? steveire's mail..
  • Discussion about the html-composing-widget
  • See if KMail/Mailody can come to a shared handling of the actual sending of messages starting with the output of the composing widget up to the mailtransport.
  • KABC/KCal migration
    • Status of the bridge resources
      • misses support for distribution lists
    • Status of the native ical/vcard resources
      • Missing: testing, legacy format support(?), remote file support
    • Status of the migrator
      • unclear from where to launch it
      • duplicate resource names were allowed with KRes, but not with Akonadi
    • Make the decision to proceed with the migration for 4.2
  • API review of everything added for 4.2
  • User feedback
  • Error handling in resources
  • Important issues to fix before the release (independent of the migration):
    • Possible data loss during copy/move
    • Missing way to invalidate the cache during partial collection sync
  • Slightly unrelated: discuss merge of the kmail-soc branch
  • Review and apply changes needed for the KJots mixed model

[edit] Blogs

[edit] Meeting Notes

Please complete by adding your notes!

  • Developer Feedback
    • general
      • D-Bus hang on resource creation annoying and still not fixed
    • for Mailody
      • Access to individual attachments missing
      • Mail filtering missing
      • Distribution list support missing
      • Syncing after resource creating/configuration? (at least partially fixed in the collection filter proxy model)
    • KJots
      • Akonadi documentation could be better
      • Monitor signals inconsistent, some lack collection argument
      • entity id is not unique when ignoring the type (item vs. collection)
      • collection model does not emit rowInserted() signals when inserting complete sub-trees (should be fixed by Stephen's patch)
      • EntityAboveAttribute currently uses rid, uid would be preferred
  • KMime
    • build composer lib based on Stephen's content strategy work for 4.3
    • get rid of the automatic multipart creation on addContent() in KMime

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