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Welcome to the Akonadi Logo contest. This is the place where you can add your logo. The Akonadi developers will decide which logo they like most and use that on the website, for Akonadi applications, etc. Be creative!

The winner will not only become famous instantly, but we might have an awesome prize....

Name: Aron Stansvik <elvstone at>
Description: I liked Sune's idea and made my own variation :) Colors can of course be tuned/discussed/skipped all together :) Below is blue, red and lime from Oxygen palette. This is a logo and not an icon.
Link(s): PNG | Inkscape SVG
Akonadi logo aron stansvik.png

Name: Flo <flo at>
Description: Inspired by the Akonadi architecture :)
Link(s): PNG | Inkscape SVG

Name: Nuno <Nuno at>
Description: The idea revolves about the classical sound of akonady the pim mening human side of it, and the ribon that can float your human side around in the wind/world, Maybe the monocrome version can also be made using the outer shapes of the face masked out towards the right
Link(s): PNG | Inkscape SVG]

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