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This page is about the bookmarks system refactoring for 4.3 using Akonadi / Nepomuk. It's mostly Konqueror-centric, but we must keep in mind the bookmarks system is used by many applications. Comments and ideas are welcome.


General picture

Current state of bookmarks

  • Currently provided classes : KBookmark, KBookmarkGroup, KBookmarksManager and others.
  • Many apps use it : Konqueror, Konsole, Kate, Okular, ... need to keep backwards compatibility.
  • Bookmarks are stored in a per-application XBEL file, parsed by KBookmarksManager.

Desired features

  • Sync with online services / other sources
  • Rating / tagging / other metadata
  • Site snapshots storage
  • Search by tag / metadata
  • Full text indexing (Strigi)

Other ideas to discuss

  • Only use tags instead of folders. Epiphany does this, mitigated reactions
  • Merge bookmarks and history (to get history tagging / rating) : a bookmark may be a properly tagged history entry
  • Ability to store a page (like the scrapbook firefox plugin)


The consensus seems to be :

  • Akonadi to handle storage and sync
  • Nepomuk to handle tagging / metadata
  • reuse and extend existing kdelibs/kio API

We need to define :

  • the new properties to add to bookmarks
  • what is already done and what is to implement

Potential issues :

  • KBookmark* extend QDom while Akonadi works by fetching individual items. Should we emulate a QDom or create new classes ? As the Akonadi implementation will still use bookmarks.xml, the two implementations may be used on the same data.

Feature matrix

Status Category Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Storage Define new attributes to store Xavier Vello <>
DONE Storage Local file ressource (in kdepim) [mailto: <>]
IN PROGRESS Storage ressource (in playground) Robert Knight <>
TO DO Storage Storage of screenshots [mailto: <>]
DONE Metadata Tagging of akonadi items Toma <>
TO DO Metadata Strigi index and search [mailto: <>]
TO DO Libs Port KBookmarks* [mailto: <>]

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