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This page is about the bookmarks system refactoring for 4.3 using Akonadi / Nepomuk. It's mostly Konqueror-centric, but we must keep in mind the bookmarks system is used by many applications. Comments and ideas are welcome.


General picture

Current state of bookmarks

  • Currently provided classes : KBookmark, KBookmarkGroup, KBookmarksManager and others.
  • Many apps use it : Konqueror, Konsole, Kate, Okular, ... need to keep backwards compatibility.
  • Bookmarks are stored in a per-application XBEL file, parsed by KBookmarksManager.

Desired features

  • Sync with online services / other sources
  • Rating / tagging / other metainformations
  • Site snapshots storage

Other ideas to discuss

  • Only use tags instead of folders. Epiphany does this, mitigated reactions
  • Store it in mysql instead of files
  • Merge bookmarks and history (to get history tagging / rating) : a bookmark may be a properly tagged history entry


The consensus seems to be :

  • using Akonadi to handle storage and sync
  • using Nepomuk to handle tagging / metadata
  • reuse and extend existing kdelibs/kio API

We need to define :

  • which one we use to export data to standard KDE classes
  • what is done and what is to do

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