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*[[/RSS_framework_for_Akonadi|RSS framework for Akonadi]]
*[[/RSS_framework_for_Akonadi|RSS framework for Akonadi]]
===Technologies used in KDE PIM===
This list is quite incomplete.
* http://doc.trolltech.com/4.4/richtext.html - Used for the KMail composer. See also [http://api.kde.org/4.x-api/kdelibs-apidocs/kdeui/html/classKRichTextWidget.html KRichTextWidget].
* http://doc.trolltech.com/4.4/model-view-programming.html - Used throughout KDEPIM including KMail tree views etc.

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KDE PIM is a package that contains personal information management tools.

The KDEPIM team develops the main application Kontact with all its plugins like KMail, KNode, KOrganizer, KAddressbook, Akregator, KJots and others.

To join the team, simply email the Action mail generic.svg kdepim mailing list, and join the irc://freenode.net/kontact IRC channel.



Much of the infrastructure of KDE PIM has been moved to kdepimlibs module as a framework for all KDE applications. Therefore we have two main modules within the KDE SVN: kdepim and kdepimlibs. The latter contains code that provides public APIs.

Current development focus as of January 2009 is on the Akonadi service and porting existing applications to Akonadi and KMime and other frameworks.


The KMail handbook is currently being rewritten, for more information look at the documentation wiki page.


  • README documents stored in the KDE SVN:
  • kdepim:
  • kdepimlibs



The KDE PIM 3 branch is frozen and no longer actively maintained. Use the KDE 3 enterprise branch for a version of Kontact that is still being updated.

Enterprise branches

Kontact is the primary Kolab client. There are different release cycles for the Kolab clients and for KDE, and therefore there are so-called enterprise branches in SVN where the Kolab versions are maintained. Changes in the enterprise branches are regularly merged back to SVN trunk. The enterprise branches are maintained by KDAB.

More information about the enterprise branches can be found at:

Other Links

PIM SoC 2008 projects

Technologies used in KDE PIM

This list is quite incomplete.

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