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Specification compliance of icon names

Icon names without trailing stars already exist in the freedesktop.org icon naming specification.

 file-broken              -> rework into emblems/emblem-unreadable.
                             Currently only in use by apps/libs as
                             "image could not be loaded" substitute.
 folder                   OK with the current spec, but it
                             really belongs to mimetypes as
                             inode-directory *, in order to
                             follow the shared MIME info standard.
 folder-home              -> user-home
 folder-yellow            -> Keep for now, but try to bring up some
                             substitute functionality, like tinting
                             folders by code, or putting the regular
                             folder on a colored background.
 folder-video             -> svn rm
                             (emulate with folder + emblem overlay)
 apps/kmenu               -> start-here-kde **
 link                     -> emblems/emblem-symbolic-link
                             (crop to the icon size and move to proper 
 actions/network          -> network **          
 network-wired            -> network-workgroup
 network-local            -> devices/network-wired
 trashcan-empty-alt       -> svn rm, or move to alternative/
 user-home                OK However, the house (go-home) might be a better        
                             choice than the folder and house.
 user-trash               OK
 user-trash-full          -> status/user-trash-full

 * suggesting this for inclusion into the icon naming specification
 ** not in the spec, but let's keep it out of there anyways,
    it's not really suited to be a standard icon

To do for Oxygen

Icons that are in the spec, but not yet in Oxygen's places/ (after renaming) so they need to be added. Descriptions taken from the specification.

   The icon used for normal directories on a remote filesystem.
   (Editor's note: Move from devices/drive-remote for now.)

   The icon used for individual host machines under the
   “Network Servers” place in the file manager.
   (Editor's note: a computer in a network.)

   The icon used by the desktop's main menu for accessing places,
   applications, and other features. (Editor's note: Seems like
   we want to move apps/kmenu to places/start-here.)

   The icon for the special “Desktop” directory of the user.

To do for Oxygen -- Not in Spec

Icons that are not in the spec, and not yet in Oxygen's places/ (after renaming) so they need to be added.

Summary of the suggested changes and additions

The ones marked with * and should therefore go into the icon naming specification, presented here in a shorter list for a better overview. Including a suggested short description text like needed for inclusion in the spec.

 folder -> mimetypes/inode-directory
   ...also, include more explanation about how the icon naming
   specification interacts with the shared MIME info specification,
   and which mimetype icons from there should really be in a
   minimal icon theme like the ones that the naming spec defines.

 network-workgroup -> network-local
   The icon for local networks and workgroups within the network.

Stuff that needs to be done in the code

  • Replace root folder occurrences (folder-red) with drive-harddisk?
 (Discuss with kde-usability first.)
  • Use folder-remote in remote:/.

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