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(We need names that are not fell back to. (I suppose that might be grammitically correct... what I mean is: mail-mark-new must not fall back to mail. Guess it's tolerable for mail-message-new...))
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  bookmark                OK **
  bookmark                OK **
  contact                  OK **
  contact                  -> user-contact **
  document-multiple        OK ** (KDE 3 name: kmultiple)
  document-multiple        OK ** (KDE 3 name: kmultiple)
  folder                  OK
  folder                  OK
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  folder-video            -> svn rm
  folder-video            -> svn rm
                             (emulate with folder + emblem overlay)
                             (emulate with folder + emblem overlay)
  mail                    OK ** (KDE 3 name: mail_generic)
  mail                    -> mail-message ** (KDE 3 name: mail_generic)
  media-album              OK ** (KDE 3 origin: cdrom_unmount)
  media-album              OK ** (KDE 3 origin: cdrom_unmount)
  media-playlist          OK ** (KDE 3 name: player_playlist,
  media-playlist          OK ** (KDE 3 name: player_playlist,

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Specification compliance of icon names

Icon names without trailing stars already exist in the freedesktop.org icon naming specification.

 bookmark                 OK **
 contact                  -> user-contact **
 document-multiple        OK ** (KDE 3 name: kmultiple)
 folder                   OK
 folder-remote            Needed
 folder-yellow            -> Keep for now, but try to bring up some
                             substitute functionality, like tinting
                             folders by code, or putting the regular
                             folder on a colored background.
 folder-video             -> svn rm
                             (emulate with folder + emblem overlay)
 mail                     -> mail-message ** (KDE 3 name: mail_generic)
 media-album              OK ** (KDE 3 origin: cdrom_unmount)
 media-playlist           OK ** (KDE 3 name: player_playlist,
 media-podcast            OK ** (KDE 3 name: podcast)
 network-workgroup        OK (KDE 3 name: network)
 network-server           OK (KDE 3 name: server)
 network-server-database  OK ** (no corresponding icon in KDE 3)
 start-here               OK (KDE 3 name: apps/kmenu)
 user-desktop             Needed
 user-home                OK (KDE 3 names: folder_home, folder_home2)
 user-trash               OK (KDE 3 name: trashcan_empty)

 * suggesting this for inclusion into the icon naming specification
 ** not in the spec, but let's keep it out of there anyways,
    it's not really suited to be a standard icon

To do for Oxygen

Icons that are in the spec, but not yet in Oxygen's places/ (after renaming) so they need to be added. Descriptions taken from the specification.

   The icon used for normal directories on a remote filesystem.
   (Editor's note: Move from devices/drive-remote for now.)

 start-here -- (dmiller: DONE, but left here for generic icon discussion)
   The icon used by the desktop's main menu for accessing places,
   applications, and other features. (jpetso: apps/kmenu
   should be moved to start-here-kde so that GNOME desktops
   with Oxygen icons won't get the KDE icon in their panel.
   So could we have a more generic start-here icon for this?)

   The icon for the special “Desktop” directory of the user.

Stuff that needs to be done in the code

  • Replace root folder occurrences (folder-red/folder-root) with drive-harddisk? (Discuss with kde-usability first.)
  • Use folder-remote in remote:/. (Also discuss with kde-usability.)

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