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Note that there are only 22x22 versions of the Oxygen emotes.

Specification compliance of icon names

Icon names without trailing stars already exist in the freedesktop.org icon naming specification.

 face-angel               OK
 face-confused            For which emote? (not in the spec) **
 face-cool                Needed
 face-crying              OK
 face-devilish            OK (was named face-devil-grin in 0.8 of
                              the spec, but is now renamed there)
 face-devil-sad           -- gone from the spec in its current
                             CVS version, no need to draw this emote
 face-embarrassed         OK
 face-foot-in-mouth       Strange name? for which emote?
                          (not in the spec) **
 face-gearhead-female-smile -> face-smile-gearhead-female **
 face-gearhead-male-smile   -> face-smile-gearhead-male **
 face-glasses             ?? (gone from the spec after 0.8)
                          The new spec defines face-cool instead
                          of face-glasses for B-), which might
                          mean that this one doesn't fit as well?
 face-kiss                OK
 face-laughing            For which emote? (because :-D is
                          already specified for face-smile-big)
                          (not in the spec) **
 face-monkey              Needed
 face-plain               OK
 face-sad                 OK
 face-sleep               For which emote? (not in the spec) **
 face-smile               OK
 face-smile-big           OK
 face-smirk               Needed
 face-surprise            OK
 face-raspberry           OK
 face-wink                OK

 * suggesting this for inclusion into the icon naming specification
 ** not in the spec, but let's keep it out of there anyways,
    it's not really suited to be a standard icon

To do for Oxygen

Icons that are in the spec, but not yet in Oxygen's emotes/ so they need to be added. Descriptions taken from the specification.

   The icon used for the B-) emote.

   The icon used for the :-(|) emote.

   The icon used for the :-! emote.

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