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Specification compliance of icon names

Icon names without trailing stars already exist in the freedesktop.org icon naming specification.

 emblem-link              -> emblem-symbolic-link
 emblem-mounted           OK *

 * suggesting this for inclusion into the icon naming specification
 ** not in the spec, but let's keep it out of there anyways,
    it's not really suited to be a standard icon

To do for Oxygen

Icons that are in the spec, but not yet in Oxygen's emblems/ (after renaming) so they need to be added. Descriptions taken from the specification.

   [Here goes the description from the icon naming specification.]

Summary of the suggested changes and additions

The ones marked with * and should therefore go into the icon naming specification, presented here in a shorter list for a better overview. Including a suggested short description text like needed for inclusion in the spec.

   The icon used for [whatever].

Open questions

  • Can additional (unspecified) emblems be added to the emblems/ directory? What happens if any given theme doesn't provide a requested emblem?

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