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Specification compliance of icon names

Icon names without trailing stars already exist in the freedesktop.org icon naming specification.

Generic Application Names (in the spec):

 accessories-character-map          OK
 accessories-dictionary             OK
 kaddressbook                       -> office-addressbook **
 kcalc                              -> accessories-calculator
 kcall                              -> internet-telephony
 khelpcenter                        -> help-browser
 kmail                              -> internet-mail **
 kmenu                              -> places/start-here-kde
 konsole                            -> utilities-terminal
 korganizer                         -> office-calendar **
 ksnapshot                          -> accessories-screen-shot **
 kuickshow                          -> graphics-viewer-image **
 kwrite                             -> accessories-text-editor
 multimedia-volume-control          OK
 okular                             -> graphics-viewer-document **
 preferences-desktop-accessibility  OK 
 preferences-desktop-font           Needed
 preferences-desktop-keyboard       OK
 preferences-desktop-locale         OK
 preferences-desktop-multimedia     Needed
 preferences-desktop-screensaver    Needed
 preferences-desktop-theme          Needed
 preferences-desktop-wallpaper      OK
 package-development                -> categories/applications-development
 package-graphics                   -> categories/applications-graphics
 package-multimedia                 -> categories/applications-multimedia
 package-network                    -> categories/applications-internet
 package-settings                   -> categories/preferences-other
 package-system                     -> categories/applications-system
 package-utilities                  -> categories/applications-accessories
 kwin                               -> preferences-system-windows **
 system-file-manager                Needed
 system-software-update             Needed
 utilities-system-monitor           OK
 ark                                -> utilities-file-archiver **

Generic Tango icons in Oxygen:

 krfb        -> preferences-desktop-remote-desktop

Other application icons:

Most other application icons should go to their home modules instead of residing in kdelibs - this not only makes for a better overview but also reduces disk space in case not all modules are installed. And, of course, prevents icons being misused for wrong usages.

 acroread                      ?? needs a spec type name for fallback
                                  RFC: "viewer-document-acroread"
 arts                          -> svn rm - we won't need this
                                  in KDE 4, right?
 basket                        -> move to wherever basket lives
 book                          ?? not an app, should not go to apps.
                                  also see actions/book(2)
 cup                           ?? placeholder icon according to Nuno,
                                  should not go to apps.
 digikam                       -> move to extragear/graphics/digikam
 gwenview                      -> move to kdegraphics/gwenview
 k3b                           -> move to extragear/multimedia/k3b
                                  as multimedia-disc-creator-k3b
 kaffeine                      -> move to extragear/kaffeine
                                  as multimedia-player-kaffeine
 kalzium                       -> move to kdeedu/kalzium
 kanagram                      -> move to kdeedu/kanagram
 kate                          -> move to kdesdk/kate as
 kblogger                      -> move to wherever kblogger lives
 kbruch                        -> move to kdeedu/kbruch
 kbugbuster                    -> move to kdesdk/kbugbuster
 kchart                        -> move to koffice/kchart
 kcmkwm                        -> svn rm
 kcolorchooser                 -> move to kdegraphics/kcolorchooser
 kdeprint-printer              -> svn rm,
                                  we already have devices/printer
 KEduca                        -> keduca (right?), and move to
                                  wherever keduca lives
 kexi                          -> move to koffice/kexi
 kfind                         ?? svn rm,
                                  replaced by actions/system-search
 kgeography                    -> move to kdeedu/kgeography
 kget                          -> move to kdenetwork/kget
 khangman                      -> move to kdeedu/khangman
 kiten                         -> move to kdeedu/kiten
 kjournal                      ?? does it still exist? if no, svn rm.
                                  if yes, move to wherever it lives.
 KLatin                        -> klatin (right?), and move to
                                  wherever klatin lives
 klettres                      -> move to kdeedu/klettres
 klipper                       -> move to kdebase/klipper
 kmplayer                      -> move to extragear/multimedia/kmplayer
                                  as multimedia-player-kmplayer
 KmPlot                        -> kmplot, and move to kdeedu/kmplot
 knotes                        -> move to kdepim/knotes
                                  (and to the notes plasmoid?)
 knotify                       ?? does it still exist? if no, svn rm.
                                  if yes, move to wherever it lives.
 kolf                          -> move to kdegames/kolf
 konqueror                     -> move to kdebase/konqueror as
 kontact                       -> move to kdepim/kontact
 konversation                  -> move to extragear/network/konversation
 konv-message                  -> move to extragear/network/konversation,
                                  and rename it to konversation-message
 kopete                        -> move to kdenetwork/kopete
 KPercentage                   -> kpercentage, and move to
 krita                         -> move to koffice/krita
 kruler                        -> move to kdegraphics/kruler
 ksim-cpu                      ?? find out which apps use this icon
                                  (or devices/cpu), and make it private
 KSniffer                      -> ksniffer, and move to
 kstars                        -> move to kdeedu/kstars
 kteatime                      -> move to kdetoys/kteatime
 ktorrent                      -> move to extragear/network/ktorrent
                                  once the KDE 4 port is finished
 KVerbos                       -> kverbos, and move to
 KWordQuiz                     -> kwordquiz, and move to
 kword                         -> move to koffice/kword
 laptop-battery                ?? another battery icon? svn rm,
                                  or replace devices/battery
                                  with this one
 marble                        -> move to kdeedu/marble
 none                          -> svn rm
 plasmagik                     -> move to
 system                        ?? another system icon? svn rm,
                                  or replace devices/computer
                                  with this one
 systemtray                    ?? needed? if so, for what?
                                  this needs to go into kdebase
                                  at least, or svn rm it altogether
 todolist                      ?? not an app, should not go to apps.
                                  probably rename it to task-list
                                  and move it to kdepim/korganizer.
 wine                          OK
 x                             OK utilities-x **

 * suggesting this for inclusion into the icon naming specification
 ** not in the spec, but let's keep it out of there anyways,
    it's not really suited to be a standard icon

To do for Oxygen

Icons that are in the spec, but not yet in Oxygen's apps/ (after renaming) so they need to be added. Descriptions taken from the specification.

   The icon used for the desktop's font preferences.

   The icon used for the desktop's multimedia preferences.

   The icon used for the desktop's screen saving preferences.

   The icon used for the desktop's theme preferences.

   The icon used for the desktop's file management application.

Icons in Tango, but not in the spec

We don't need to have those, but if we do they should be named this way:

   We already have this from the previous "kmail" icon.

   Instead of "knode".

   For a possible generic browser icon. *Very* optional though,
   as we already have a branded Konqueror icon.

   We already have this from the previous "korganizer" icon.

   Tango does this as preferences-desktop-accessibility
   plus an emblem-style gear icon at the lower right.
   Hardly necessary to have.

   Go Phonon go.

   We do have proxy settings in KDE 3, this might make sense.

   I really don't get why those are "system" items, those are
   quite obviously desktop items, right? Well, whatever.
   We already have the latter one from the previous "kwin" icon.

   Adept, Yast, Pirut, Smart, or whatever else is out there.

   Seems to fit KUser or Guidance's "User Management" module.

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