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(gwenview and kruler have been moved to their respective private icon dirs.)
(Removed quite a few icons, mostly kdeedu ones.)
Line 110: Line 110:
  kaffeine                      -> move to extragear/kaffeine
  kaffeine                      -> move to extragear/kaffeine
  kalzium                      -> move to kdeedu/kalzium
  kalzium                      -> move to kdeedu/kalzium
kanagram                      -> move to kdeedu/kanagram
  kate                          -> move to kdesdk/kate
  kate                          -> move to kdesdk/kate
  kblogger                      -> move to wherever kblogger lives
  kblogger                      -> move to wherever kblogger lives
kbruch                        -> move to kdeedu/kbruch
  kbugbuster                    -> move to kdesdk/kbugbuster
  kbugbuster                    -> move to kdesdk/kbugbuster
  kchart                        -> move to koffice/kchart
  kchart                        -> move to koffice/kchart
Line 119: Line 117:
  kde                          OK (KDE 3 name: actions/about_kde)
  kde                          OK (KDE 3 name: actions/about_kde)
  kexi                          -> move to koffice/kexi
  kexi                          -> move to koffice/kexi
kgeography                    -> move to kdeedu/kgeography
kget                          -> move to kdenetwork/kget
khangman                      -> move to kdeedu/khangman
kiten                        -> move to kdeedu/kiten
  kjournal                      ?? does it still exist? if no, svn rm.
  kjournal                      ?? does it still exist? if no, svn rm.
                                   if yes, move to wherever it lives.
                                   if yes, move to wherever it lives.
klettres                      -> move to kdeedu/klettres
  klipper                      -> move to kdebase/klipper
  klipper                      -> move to kdebase/klipper
  kmplayer                      -> move to extragear/multimedia/kmplayer
  kmplayer                      -> move to extragear/multimedia/kmplayer
kmplot                        -> move to kdeedu/kmplot
  knotes                        -> move to kdepim/knotes
  knotes                        -> move to kdepim/knotes
                                   (and to the notes plasmoid?)
                                   (and to the notes plasmoid?)
Line 135: Line 127:
  kontact                      -> move to kdepim/kontact
  kontact                      -> move to kdepim/kontact
  konversation                  -> move to extragear/network/konversation
  konversation                  -> move to extragear/network/konversation
kopete                        -> move to kdenetwork/kopete
kpercentage                  -> move to kdeedu/kpercentage
  krita                        -> move to koffice/krita
  krita                        -> move to koffice/krita
  ksniffer                      -> move to playground/network/ksniffer
  ksniffer                      -> move to playground/network/ksniffer
kstars                        -> move to kdeedu/kstars
  kteatime                      -> move to kdetoys/kteatime
  kteatime                      -> move to kdetoys/kteatime
  ktip                          -> move to wherever ktip lives
  ktip                          -> move to wherever ktip lives
Line 148: Line 137:
                                   and that already has an icon
                                   and that already has an icon
  kwallet                      OK
  kwallet                      OK
kwordquiz                    -> move to kdeedu/kwordquiz
  kword                        -> move to koffice/kword
  kword                        -> move to koffice/kword
  laptop-battery                ?? another battery icon? svn rm,
  laptop-battery                ?? another battery icon? svn rm,
                                   or replace devices/battery
                                   or replace devices/battery
                                   with this one
                                   with this one
marble                        -> move to kdeedu/marble
  oxygen                        OK
  oxygen                        OK
  plasma                        OK
  plasma                        OK

Revision as of 02:06, 3 January 2008

Specification compliance of icon names

Icon names without trailing stars already exist in the freedesktop.org icon naming specification.

Generic Application Names:

 accessories-calculator             OK (KDE 3 name: kcalc)
 accessories-character-map          OK (KDE 3 name: kcharselect)
 accessories-dictionary             OK (KDE 3 name: kdict)
 internet-web-browser               OK *** (did not exist
                                        in this form in KDE 3)
 help-browser                       OK (KDE 3 name: khelpcenter)
 internet-telephony                 OK ** (KDE 3 name: kcall)
 internet-mail                      OK *** (KDE 3 name: kmail)
 ksnapshot                          -> accessories-screen-shot **
 kuickshow                          -> graphics-viewer-image **
 accessories-text-editor            OK (KDE 3 name: kwrite)
 multimedia-volume-control          OK
 graphics-viewer-document           OK **
 office-address-book                OK ** (KDE 3 name: kaddressbook)
 office-calendar                    OK *** (KDE 3 name: korganizer)
 preferences-contact-list           ?? (likely ok, but I don't
                                        remember the use case)
 preferences-desktop-accessibility  OK (KDE 3 name: access)
 preferences-desktop-color          OK ** (KDE 3 name: colors)
 preferences-desktop-cryptography   OK ** 
 preferences-desktop-default-applications OK ** (did not exist in KDE 3)
 preferences-desktop-display        OK **
 preferences-desktop-filetype-association OK **
                                       (KDE 3 name: filetypes)
 preferences-desktop-font           OK (KDE 3 name: font)
 preferences-desktop-font-installer OK ** (in workspace/kcontrol/kfontinst)
                                       (KDE 3 name: kcmfontinst)
 preferences-desktop-gaming         OK ** (KDE 3 name: devices/joystick)
 preferences-desktop-icons          OK ** (KDE 3 name: icons)
 preferences-desktop-keyboard       OK (KDE 3 name: keyboard)
 preferences-desktop-launch-feedback OK ** (KDE 3 name: actions/launch)
 preferences-desktop-locale         OK (KDE 3 name: locale)
 preferences-desktop-mouse          OK * (KDE 3 name: devices/mouse)
 preferences-desktop-multimedia     Needed
 preferences-desktop-notification   OK ** (KDE 3 name: knotify)
 preferences-desktop-notification-bell OK ** (KDE 3 name: actions/bell)
 preferences-desktop-printer        OK ** (KDE 3 name: printmgr)
 preferences-desktop-screensaver    OK (KDE 3 name: kscreensaver)
 preferences-desktop-sound          OK *** (KDE 3 name: kcmsound)
 preferences-desktop-text-to-speech OK ** (KDE 3 name: kttsd)
 preferences-desktop-theme          OK (KDE 3 name: looknfeel)
 preferences-desktop-user           OK ** (KDE 3 name: userconfig)
 preferences-desktop-user-password  OK ** (KDE 3 name: password)
 preferences-desktop-wallpaper      OK (KDE 3 name: background)
 preferences-kcalc-constants        ?? also used by kmplot? (says Pino)
 preferences-plugin                 OK **
 preferences-plugin-script          OK **
 preferences-system-bluetooth       OK ** (KDE 3 name: kdebluetooth)
 preferences-system-login           OK ** (KDE 3 name: kdmconfig)
 preferences-system-network-sharing -> ...-share instead of sharing?
                                       that was the initial plan,
                                       check back what's better.
                                       apart from that:
                                    OK ** (only used the "share"
                                           overlay in KDE 3)
 preferences-system-performance     OK ** (KDE 3 origin: launch)
 preferences-system-power-management OK ** (KDE 3 name: energy)
 preferences-system-session-services OK ** (KDE 3 name: services)
 preferences-system-time            OK ** (KDE 3 name: date)
 preferences-system-windows         OK *** (KDE 3 name: kwin)
 preferences-web-browser-adblock    OK ** (KDE 3 origin: filter)
 preferences-web-browser-cache      OK ** (KDE 3 name: cache)
 preferences-web-browser-cookies    OK ** (KDE 3 name: cookie)
 preferences-web-browser-identification OK ** (KDE 3 name: agent)
 preferences-web-browser-stylesheets OK ** (KDE 3 name: stylesheet)
 preferences-web-browser-shortcuts  OK ** (KDE 3 name: enhanced_browsing)
 system-file-manager                OK (KDE 3 name: kfm)
 system-users                       OK *** (KDE 3 name - private
                                            to KUser: add_group)
 system-software-update             OK (KDE 3 name: kpackage)
 utilities-file-archiver            OK ** (KDE 3 name: ark)
 utilities-log-viewer               OK ** (KDE 3 name: ksystemlog)
 utilities-system-monitor           OK (KDE 3 name: ksysguard)
 utilities-terminal                 OK (KDE 3 name: konsole)
* suggesting this for inclusion into the icon naming specification
** not in the spec, but let's keep it out of there anyways,
   it's not really suited to be a standard icon
*** exists in the Tango icon set, but not in the spec

Generic Tango icons in Oxygen:

 krfb        -> preferences-desktop-remote-desktop
                (also used in GNOME under that name)

Other application icons:

Most other application icons should go to their home modules instead of residing in kdelibs - this not only makes for a better overview but also reduces disk space in case not all modules are installed. And, of course, prevents icons being misused for wrong usages.

 acroread                      ?? newer Reader versions are named
                                  differently (how again?), and
                                  use upper-case characters in
                                  the name of the executable.
 basket                        -> move to wherever basket lives
 digikam                       -> move to extragear/graphics/digikam
 fontforge                     OK
 java                          OK
 k3b                           -> move to extragear/multimedia/k3b
 kaffeine                      -> move to extragear/kaffeine
 kalzium                       -> move to kdeedu/kalzium
 kate                          -> move to kdesdk/kate
 kblogger                      -> move to wherever kblogger lives
 kbugbuster                    -> move to kdesdk/kbugbuster
 kchart                        -> move to koffice/kchart
 kcolorchooser                 -> move to kdegraphics/kcolorchooser
 kde                           OK (KDE 3 name: actions/about_kde)
 kexi                          -> move to koffice/kexi
 kjournal                      ?? does it still exist? if no, svn rm.
                                  if yes, move to wherever it lives.
 klipper                       -> move to kdebase/klipper
 kmplayer                      -> move to extragear/multimedia/kmplayer
 knotes                        -> move to kdepim/knotes
                                  (and to the notes plasmoid?)
 kolf                          -> move to kdegames/kolf
 konqueror                     OK
 kontact                       -> move to kdepim/kontact
 konversation                  -> move to extragear/network/konversation
 krita                         -> move to koffice/krita
 ksniffer                      -> move to playground/network/ksniffer
 kteatime                      -> move to kdetoys/kteatime
 ktip                          -> move to wherever ktip lives
 ktorrent                      -> move to extragear/network/ktorrent
 kverbos                       -> parley, and move to
 kvoctrain                     -> svn rm, KVocTrain is Parley now
                                  and that already has an icon
 kwallet                       OK
 kword                         -> move to koffice/kword
 laptop-battery                ?? another battery icon? svn rm,
                                  or replace devices/battery
                                  with this one
 oxygen                        OK
 plasma                        OK
 plasmagik                     -> move to
 strigi                        OK
 wine                          OK
 xorg                          OK

To do for Oxygen

Icons that are in the spec, but not yet in Oxygen's apps/ (after renaming) so they need to be added. Descriptions taken from the specification.

   The icon used for the desktop's multimedia preferences.

To do for Oxygen - not in the spec

Icons that are not specified and do not currently exist as well, but are needed for KDE applications (and not blatantly obvious). Yes, I am aware that some of those are bad (if not outright evil) names. That comes from preferences-desktop-peripherals being classified in the "desktop" preferences subgroup, which is very wrong imho. We need to fix this in the spec (see the suggestions of the categories page), but until then, I stay with specification conform names.

 preferences-desktop-effect **
   The icon for the "Desktop Effects" KCM. (New in KDE 4.)

 preferences-desktop-panel **
   The icon for the "Panels" KCM.

 preferences-desktop-theme-style **
   The icon for the "Style" KCM (widget style, in "Appearance").

 preferences-system-network-discovery **
   The icon for the "Service Discovery"
   (= DNSSD / Zeroconf / Bonjour / Rendezvous) KCM.

 preferences-system-network-proxy ***
   The icon for the "Proxy" KCM. (Also exists in the Tango set.)

 preferences-system-session ***
   The icon for the "Session Manager" KCM.
   (This icon also exists in the Tango set.)

 preferences-system-splash **
   The icon for the "Splash Screen" KCM.

Optional icons

We don't absolutely need those because they are covered by fallbacks: if these icons don't exist, they've got a sensible fallback.

   The icon for the "Multiple Monitors" (aka Xinerama) KCM.

   The icon for the "Size & Orientation" KCM.

   The icon for the "KHotKeys" KCM.

   The icon for the "Multiple Desktops"
   (a.k.a. virtual desktops) KCM.

   The icon for the "Taskbar" KCM.

   The icon for the "Password & User Account" KCM.

   The icon for the "Smartcards" KCM.
   (Was "identity" in KDE 3, and is really not necessary.)

   The icon for the "Solid" KCM. (New in KDE 4.)

   The icon for the "Connection Preferences" KCM.

   The icon for the "Windows Shares" KCM.

   The icon for the "Samba Status" KCM (in KInfoCenter).

   The icon for the "Window Effects" KCM. (New in KDE 4.)

   The icon for the "Window Decorations" KCM.

   The icon for the "Window-Specific Settings" KCM.

Even more optional

Draw those only if you feel like wasting time for little outcome. I haven't got KDE 4 compiled at the moment, so I don't even know if those are visible at all.

   The icon for the KWin's "Focus" settings, which
   belong to the "Window Behaviour" KCM.

   The icon for the KWin's "Actions" settings, which
   belong to the "Window Behaviour" KCM.

   The icon for the KWin's "Moving" settings, which
   belong to the "Window Behaviour" KCM.

   The icon for the KWin's "Advanced" settings, which
   belong to the "Window Behaviour" KCM.

Icons in Tango, but not in the spec

We don't need to have those, but if we do they should be named this way:

   For a possible generic instant messager icon.
   *Very* optional though, as we already have branded
   Kopete and Konversation icons.

   We already have this from the previous "kmail" icon.

   Instead of "knode".

   For a possible generic browser icon. *Very* optional though,
   as we already have a branded Konqueror icon. (Done.)

   We already have this from the previous "korganizer" icon.

   Tango does this as preferences-desktop-accessibility
   plus an emblem-style gear icon at the lower right.
   Hardly necessary to have.

   Go Phonon go. (Done.)

   We do have proxy settings in KDE 3, this might make sense.

   The icon for the session management settings.

   KWin settings. (Done.)

   Adept, Yast, Pirut, Smart, or whatever else is out there.

   Seems to fit KUser or Guidance's "User Management" module.
   (Evaluate if actions/users can be moved here.)