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  khelpcenter                  -> help-browser
  khelpcenter                  -> help-browser
  konsole                      -> utilities-terminal
  konsole                      -> utilities-terminal
multimedia-volume-control    OK
  preferences-desktop-keyboard  OK
  preferences-desktop-keyboard  OK
  preferences-desktop-locale    OK
  preferences-desktop-locale    OK

Revision as of 15:53, 18 July 2007

Specification compliance of icon names

Icon names without trailing stars already exist in the freedesktop.org icon naming specification.

Generic Application Names:

 accessories-dictionary        OK
 kcalc                         -> accessories-calculator
 kwrite                        -> accessories-text-editor
 khelpcenter                   -> help-browser
 konsole                       -> utilities-terminal
 multimedia-volume-control     OK
 preferences-desktop-keyboard  OK
 preferences-desktop-locale    OK
 preferences-desktop-wallpaper OK
 utilities-system-monitor      OK

 * suggesting this for inclusion into the icon naming specification
 ** not in the spec, but let's keep it out of there anyways,
    it's not really suited to be a standard icon

Applications which are to be considered part of the base desktop, such as the calculator or terminal, should use the generic icons specified in this specification, while more advanced applications such as web browsers and office applications should use branded icons which still give the user an idea of what function the application provides.

To do for Oxygen

Icons that are in the spec, but not yet in Oxygen's apps/ (after renaming) so they need to be added. Descriptions taken from the specification.

   The icon used for the desktop's international and extended
   text character accessory program.

   The icon used for the desktop's accessibility preferences.

   The icon used for the desktop's font preferences.

   The icon used for the desktop's multimedia preferences.

   The icon used for the desktop's screen saving preferences.

   The icon used for the desktop's theme preferences.

   The icon used for the desktop's file management application.

Summary of the suggested changes and additions

The ones marked with * and should therefore go into the icon naming specification, presented here in a shorter list for a better overview. Including a suggested short description text like needed for inclusion in the spec.

   The icon used for [whatever].

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