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Only partially ready for consumption. JRT already found out about which Oxygen icons already conform to the spec, but the ones that don't conform are not yet listed in here, and there's not yet a plan at the moment on how to proceed with those.

Specification compliance of icon names

Icon names without notes already exist in the freedesktop.org icon naming specification.

 add-user                       -> list-add-user **
 application-exit               OK
 ark-adddir                     -> list-add-archive-directory
 ark-addfile                    -> list-add-archive-file
 ark-delete                     -> list-remove-archive
 centrejust                     -> svn rm,
                                   there's already text-center
 delete-user                    -> list-remove-user **
 dialog-apply                   -> dialog-ok
 dialog-cancel                  OK
 dialog-close                   OK
 document-new                   OK
 document-open                  OK
 document-open-recent           OK
 document-print                 OK
 document-print-preview         OK
 document-properties            OK
 document-revert                OK
 document-save                  OK
 document-save-as               OK
 edit                           OK *
 editshred                      -> edit-delete-shred
 edit-add                       OK *
 edit-clear                     OK (Note: Only in CVS,
                                    not yet in 0.8 of the spec.)
 edit-copy                      OK
 edit-cut                       OK
 edit-delete                    OK *
 edit-find                      OK
 edit-paste                     OK
 edit-redo                      OK
 edit-undo                      OK
 edit-user                      OK **
                                   (In case "edit" is approved.)
 folder-new                     OK
 format-indent-less             OK
 format-indent-more             OK
 format-justify-fill            OK
 format-text-bold               OK
 format-text-italic             OK
 format-text-strikethrough      OK
 format-text-underline          OK
 go-bottom                      OK
 go-down                        OK
 go-first                       OK
 go-home                        OK
 go-last                        OK
 go-next                        OK
 go-previous                    OK
 go-top                         OK
 go-up                          OK
 help-contents                  OK
 identity                       -> contact-new
                                   (maybe add a "new" sparkle?)
 list-add                       OK
 list-remove                    OK
 mail-delete                    -> edit-delete-mail
 mail-forward                   OK
 mail-ham                       -> mail-mark-notjunk
 mail-message-new               OK
 mail-reply-all                 OK
 mail-reply-sender              OK
 mail-send                      OK
 media-eject                    OK
 media-playback-pause           OK
 media-playback-start           OK
 media-playback-stop            OK
 media-record                   OK
 media-seek-backward            OK
 media-seek-forward             OK
 media-skip-backward            OK
 media-skip-forward             OK
 object-rotate-left             OK
 object-rotate-right            OK
 save-all                       -> document-save-all *
 system-lock-screen             OK
 system-log-out                 OK
 system-run                     OK
 system-search                  OK
 tab-breakoff                   -> tab-detach *
 tab-duplicate                  OK *
 tab-new                        -> tab-new-background **
 tab-new-raised                 -> tab-new *
 tab-remove                     -> tab-close *
                                   (in accordance to window-close)
 text-center                    -> format-justify-center
 text-left                      -> format-justify-left
 text-right                     -> format-justify-right
 tools-check-spelling           OK
 viewmag1                       -> zoom-original
 view-fullscreen                OK
 view-refresh                   OK
 view-restore                   OK
 window-close                   OK
 window-new                     OK
 zoom-original                  -> svn rm, or zoom *
 zoom-best-fit                  -> zoom-fit-best
 zoom-in                        OK
 zoom-out                       OK
 *  suggesting this for inclusion into the icon naming specification
 ** not in the spec, but let's keep it out of there anyways,
    it's not really suited to be a standard icon

To do for Oxygen

Icons that are in the spec, but not yet in Oxygen's actions/ (after renaming) so they need to be added. Descriptions taken from the specification

   The icon used for the action to create a new address book.

   The icon used for the action to create a new appointment
   in a calendaring application.

   The icon for the page setup action of a document editor.

   The icon for the find and replace action.

   The icon for the select all action.

Summary of the suggested changes and additions

The ones marked with * and should therefore go into the icon naming specification, presented here in a shorter list for a better overview. Including a suggested short description text like needed for inclusion in the spec.

   The icon for the generic edit action.
   (Rationale: There are a lot of things that need to be edited:
    bookmarks, contacts, todos, away messages, fill/stroke colors,
    app specific item properties of any kind, ...
    There should be a generic edit icon as a common ground
    and fallback for these use cases.)

 tab-new (or possibly new-tab, see below)
 tab-remove (or possibly close-tab, see below)
 zoom-fit-best (instead of zoom-best-fit)
 view-next (disregard for now, I think I've got a better solution)
 view-previous (same as above)

And now for the radical stuff:

   The icon for the create action.
   (Rationale: Right now, the spec has quite a number of *-new
    icons, but is totally unflexible when it comes to adding
    other stuff that can be created. I propose edit-create as a
    basis and fallback for all "new" icons, regardless if they
    create documents, mails, podcasts, windows, menu entries in
    the start menu editor, classes and functions in integrated
    development environments, whatever. If this icon is there,
    every app and KDE core library can have "new" items while
    staying specification compliant.)
   (Consequences for existing icons in the spec:
    address-book-new -> new-address-book
    appointment-new  -> new-appointment
    contact-new      -> new-contact
    document-new     -> new-document
    folder-new       -> new-folder
    window-new       -> new-window)

Of course, doing that breaks the current namespacing scheme of the spec's actions category, as for example document-new is ripped apart from the other document icons. I think this is ok for actions that are not solely specific to documents/windows/dialogs, because it is important for extensibility, hence the idea of fallbacks.

Consequently, there should be at least one more "generalization":

   The icon for the close action.
   (Consequences for existing icons in the spec:
    dialog-close -> close-dialog
    window-close -> close-window)
   (Opens up opportunities for:

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