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The current Oxygen style and window decoration for KDE4 can be found in SVN under http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdebase/runtime/kstyles/oxygen and http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/kwin/clients/oxygen

Known Bugs

  • tabs
    • east and west aren't done at all priority
    • no drawing of inactive tabs - only their text priority
  • dockers
    • frame when docked can be overwritten releasable
    • frame when floating should have rounded corners releasable
  • holes
    • top color doesn't go around curves releasable
    • [assigned: mwoehlke] color choice needs to be reviewed releasable
    • with autoFillBackground, corners are overpainted (how to fix this??) priority
  • toolbuttons
    • glow color are not removed showstopper
  • need to audit color role use (see QA #3) showstopper
  • reverse layout is broken
    • listview,tablevies etc paint the frame in LTR place showstopper
    • groupboxes draw the heading too far to the right showstopper
    • scrollbars draw the grove with wrong round ends showstopper
  • progress bars not done showstopper
  • menus not done releasable
  • horizontal scrollbar looking a bit weird priority
  • arrows in eg spinboxes not sharp enough priority
  • windeco - corners should really be alpha transparent releasable
  • should repaint on globalChange signal (how?) releasable
    • this seems to only be a problem for the colors kcm, may not even be a style bug
  • content padding in combo boxes too small (text/arrow touches left/right border) showstopper


  • reverse layout
  • high-contrast color schemes (i.e. all fg/bg black or white)
  • reverse-light/dark color schemes (e.g. light-on-dark buttons with dark-on-light views, etc.)
  • tabs, in all directions
  • sliders, scrollbars, progress - in all orientations and good cross section of values
  • content padding works for all controls, does not break sizeToContents functionality
  • controls align nicely and controls that should be the same size, are

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