The current Oxygen style and window decoration for KDE4 can be found in SVN under and

Known Bugs

  • tabs are not drawn correctly
    • [assigned: mwoehlke] we need "inverse slabs" to fix this
    • directions other than north aren't done at all
  • minor glitches with holes
    • top color doesn't go around curves
    • [assigned: mwoehlke] color choice needs to be reviewed
    • with autoFillBackground, corners are overpainted (how to fix this??)
  • need to audit color role use (see QA #3)
  • reverse layout is reportedly broken
  • progress bars not done
  • [low priority] menus not done
  • horizontal scrollbar looking a bit weird
  • arrows in eg spinboxes not sharp enough
  • windeco - corners ugly non alpha transparent
  • should repaint on globalChange signal (how?)


  • reverse layout
  • high-contrast color schemes (i.e. all fg/bg black or white)
  • reverse-light/dark color schemes (e.g. light-on-dark buttons with dark-on-light views, etc.)
  • tabs, in all directions
  • sliders, scrollbars, progress - in all orientations and good cross section of values

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