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* Successful (cd burn, file transfer, etc. Possibly separate these)
* Successful (cd burn, file transfer, etc. Possibly separate these)
== References ==
== File/Web Browser ==
* [http://tango.freedesktop.org/Standard_Icon_Naming_Specification Tango Icon Specification]
----File/Web Browser----
Blocked Pop up
Blocked Pop up
Empty Trash
Empty Trash
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Move Menu Item
Move Menu Item
Main Menu Navigation
Main Menu Navigation
== References ==
* [http://tango.freedesktop.org/Standard_Icon_Naming_Specification Tango Icon Specification]

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The contexts for a sound theme are (these are more or less placeholders as this schema is sorted out):

Table 1. Sound Theme Contexts
Name Description Directory
System Events Sounds which are generally used to notify the user of events relating to the system, ie: startup, warning dialogs, etc system
User Interface Events Sounds associated with the desktop environment, such as minimize, shade, or kicker events ui
Misc. Application Events Sounds associated with application events, such as a successful cd burn, which don't fit within other categories application

System Events

A list for now

  • Network events
  • Startup
  • Shutdown
  • Hibernate
  • Standby
  • Close Program

Critical Battery Alarm Critical Stop Default Beep Device Connect Device Disconnect Device Failed to Connect Exclamation Exit Low Battery Alarm Menu Popup Open Program Print Complete Program Error Question Restore Down Restore Up Select Show Toolbar Start System Notification Logoff Logon

User Interface Events

  • Minimize
  • Minimize to Tray
  • Maximize
  • Restore
  • Restore from Tray
  • Shade Up
  • Shade Down
  • Menu Browse
  • Menu Select

Application Level Events

Communication Events

  • New Email
  • New IM
  • Name mentioned in chat room
  • Connected to messaging server
  • Disconnected from messaging server
  • Person Joins
  • Person Leaves
  • Receive Call
  • Receive Request to Join
  • Contact Online
  • New Alert
  • New Message
  • New Mail

Miscellaneous and Cross-Category Events

  • Successful (cd burn, file transfer, etc. Possibly separate these)

File/Web Browser

Blocked Pop up Empty Trash Information Bar Move Menu Item Main Menu Navigation


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