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= Misc Icon Requests =
* So sorry -- this is an Oxygen bug but not an Oxygen *style* bug -- I have asked twice publicly on the mailing list so I am doing this to grab attention -- sorry again. Please see my request on http://www.nabble.com/Suggestion-for-Oxygen:-Highlight-difference-between-Kate-and-KWrite-t4447769.html and the bug report to help you track this wish at: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=138170 Thanks for your work and sorry again for the out-of-place posting. <i>(I've moved this request from [[../StyleWinDec]]</i> [[User:Djmdave|Djmdave]] 14:58, 18 October 2007 (CEST))

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The page will help Oxygen team to track and produce icons that are currently missing in KDE4. Additionally it will help developers to make requests for icons that they need for KDE4 related projects.

Instructions to fill out the request

  • This page, being a wiki, obviously does not validate your request. Please take care when providing information about the icons. Note that this page is mainly for the team to know where is mostly needed the work, we'll do our best to fullfill your requests for 4.0 but however we can't guarantee that. =)
  • When providing icon names please try to make them compatible with the actual naming scheme.
  • Please provide clear but short descriptions about the icons, it needs to help the artists in imagining a good metaphore to make your icon. This point is extremely important. You may obviously also link your description if it's going to be lengthy. This will help us to manage icon requests, and check if there are any possible duplicates. The most descriptive you are, the best it is for us.
  • Screenshots are sometimes a better way to easily show the usage of the icon. Provide metaphores when possible this will help the artist to visualize our reqest faster and give a better understanding of the reqest.
  • As someone already noted, this is not the right page to complain or make suggestions about existing icon, this is just to know the remaining work.
  • Please sort by module/application/priority

Missing Icons Table

General purpose icons

For icons like the folder, or the desktop.

Icon Name Description / Where can be found? Done? Assigned To
resize-image an icon for an image resize action No

KDE main modules

For apps in trunk/KDE/

Module Application Icon Name Description / Where can be found? Done? Assigned To
kdebase konqueror filetypes konqueror configuration dialog File Associations No
kdebase konqueror filter konqueror configuration dialog AdBlock Filters No
kdebase konqueror enhanced_browsing konqueror configuration dialog Web Shortcuts No
kdebase konqueror cache konqueror configuration dialog Cache No
kdebase konqueror proxy konqueror configuration dialog Proxy No
kdebase konqueror fonts konqueror configuration dialog Fonts No
kdebase konqueror stylesheets konqueror configuration dialog Stylesheets No
kdebase konqueror cookies konqueror configuration dialog Cookies No
kdebase konqueror browser_identification konqueror configuration dialog Browser Identification No
koffice (all) See http://wiki.koffice.org/index.php?title=Icons
kdeedu kalgebra application Application Icon kdeedu/kalgebra/icons No
kdepim kalarm kalarm System tray icon, indicating alarms are enabled. Current icon is still the hicolor one. No
kdepim kalarm kalarm_disabled System tray icon, indicating alarms are disabled. Current icon still is the hicolor one. No
kdepim korganizer timespent Doesn't exist yet. an icon representing the new timespent view. No
kdepim korganizer timeline Doesn't exist yet. an icon representing the new timeline view. No
kdesupport strigi strigi Doesn't exist yet. It should be an owl. No

Other 3rd party Application Icons

For all the other applications

Application Icon Name Description / Where can be found? Done? Assigned To
KSystemlog KSystemLog icon App icon - Made by a non-graphic designer developer ;-) No
Tagua tagua Tagua logo No
Tagua tagua movelist toggle movelist No
Amarok Amarok icon

App icon. Needs Oxygen colors, we don't really want to change design.


Misc Icon Requests

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