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Network Management describes the interaction between the KDE desktop and the system's network information and configuration layers. This means:

  • Informative functions: "Am I online"?
  • Control functions: "Connect to to the internet using my WWAN card"
  • Integration: Tell Konqueror when the computer is not connected to the Internet so it can automatically work in offline mode.


KDE Platform 4

Support in Solid for the informational parts of the NetworkManager interface is complete, in [1]. Backends for NetworkManager 0.6 and 0.7 exist, in kdebase/workspace/solid/networkmanager-0.*. A backend for wicd is being worked on by Dario Freddi. Backends for other platforms would be welcome, contact the team for help on getting involved.

The user interface consists of a Plasma applet, a System Settings KCModule, and a kded module. It is a work in progress at playground/base/plasma/applets/networkmanager.


A rewrite of KNetworkManager for KDE 3 (by openSUSE) is nearly complete. This supports NetworkManager 0.7, which has a different interface to NetworkManager 0.6. More information can be found at the openSUSE KNetworkManager project page.

User feedback on KDE 3 KNetworkManager

extracted from


  • Cleaner notifications on status change #132000
  • More information in tooltip, including VPN connections #132151
  • Show channel in tooltip #135054
  • Found networks with ESSIDs with configured connections should show up in network list #133900
  • Make passphrase entry more intuitive #142349
  • Enable cancelling a connection #143259
  • Attractive popup notifications [ #147519]
  • Show network activity in system tray #148095
  • Make hex the default WEP key type #151437
  • Support WEP key indices #150926
  • Indicate encrypted connection in tray #159673


  • Support Ad-hoc mode #138882
  • Make KWallet use optional #140332
  • Make saving secrets optional #163551
  • Provide a log of connection information #144819
  • Import/export VPN connections #146159

KDE Platform 4 Architecture

see this blog entry for now

Applet Design and Usability

to be done

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