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Network Management describes the interaction between the KDE desktop and the system's network information and configuration layers. This means:

  • Informative functions: "Am I online"?
  • Control functions: "Connect to to the internet using my WWAN card"
  • Integration: Tell Konqueror when the computer is not connected to the Internet so it can automatically work in offline mode.



Support in Solid for the informational parts of the NetworkManager interface is largely complete, in kdebase/workspace/libs/solid. Backends for NetworkManager 0.6 and 0.7 exist, in kdebase/workspace/solid/networkmanager*. Backends for other platforms would be welcome, contact the team for help on getting involved.

A Plasmoid is work in progress and can be found in playground/base/plasma/applets/networkmanager and playground/base/plasma/engines/networkmanager.


A rewrite of KNetworkManager for KDE 3 (by openSUSE) is nearly complete. This supports NetworkManager 0.7, which has a different interface to NetworkManager 0.6. More information can be found at the openSUSE KNetworkManager project page.

User feedback on KDE 3 KNetworkManager

extracted from


  • Cleaner notifications on status change #132000
  • More information in tooltip, including VPN connections #132151
  • Show channel in tooltip #135054
  • Found networks with ESSIDs with configured connections should show up in network list #133900
  • Make passphrase entry more intuitive #142349
  • Enable cancelling a connection #143259
  • Attractive popup notifications [ #147519]
  • Show network activity in system tray #148095
  • Make hex the default WEP key type #151437
  • Support WEP key indices #150926
  • Indicate encrypted connection in tray #159673


  • Support Ad-hoc mode #138882
  • Make KWallet use optional #140332
  • Make saving secrets optional #163551
  • Provide a log of connection information #144819
  • Import/export VPN connections #146159

KDE 4 Architecture

see [ this blog entry for now

Applet Design and Usability

to be done

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