Connecting directly to virtuoso

Virtuoso ships with an executable called isql-vt. Just running that executable should connect you to virtuoso.

If you distribution does not provide the corresponding executable or if it doesn't work for you. Try this script -

filename=`ps aux | grep virtuoso-t | grep -v grep | sed -e 's/.*\/tmp\///;s/ini.*/ini/'`
port=$(grep ServerPort /tmp/$filename | sed -e 's/.*=//')
exec isql-vt -S $port

List of tables

is a relational database and what not

All the tables in Virtuoso start with the DB.DBA. prefix.

  • RDF_QUAD -- The main table which contains all the statements. It contains four rows "S", "P", "O" and "G" for the subject, predicate, object and graph.

Default Indexes

Common Commands



The sparql_to_sql_text() function can be used to convert a SPARQL query directly to the SQL it would be executed as.

varchar sparql_to_sql_text
( in squery varchar );

It's very useful in debugging why many sparql queries are taking so long.

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