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Scenario Examples

For each scenario, we find N3 data illustrating the scenario. The decisions and alternatives we have are taken into account.

Use Cases

Claudia and Berit had their wedding in Holland.

Dirk wants to share a music file with Claudia

Claudia wants to have access to Dirk's rating and other annotations.

Claudia wants to share her wedding pictures with Dirk

Dirk is not online

The system sends an email including the pictures and their metadata.

Dirk requests the wedding calendar from Claudia

# Claudia's wedding event
<nepomuk:/ctx/606282b1-cb04-11de-8a39-0800200c9a66> {
  <nepomuk:/res/606282b0-cb04-11de-8a39-0800200c9a66> a ncal:Event;
    nie:plainTextContent "Our wedding, everyone is invited";
    nie:title "Claudia's and Berit's wedding";
    ncal:dtstart <urn:uuid:9f56840d-de5b-43ba-be6f-c7d0e7097272>;
    <urn:uuid:9f56840d-de5b-43ba-be6f-c7d0e7097272> ncal:dateTime "2009-11-06T12:00:00.000+01:00"^^xsd:dateTime .
    ncal:dtend <urn:uuid:9f56840d-de5b-43ba-be6f-c7d0e7097273>;
    <urn:uuid:9f56840d-de5b-43ba-be6f-c7d0e7097273> ncal:dateTime "2009-11-08T19:00:00.000+01:00"^^xsd:dateTime .

# Dirks request

Data is gathered on one USB stick, tagged with either embarrassing or childhood

The whole wedding folder is archived on DVD including the metadata

One year later the data should still be accessible.

Claudia gets a lot of pictures from people, tagged with creators and people on the pictures

Now Claudia wants to find all pictures that depict herself and Berit.

Claudio needs to share the wlan access key with all guests at the wedding

Dirk gets a set of music files by Claudia

Claudia has rated and tagged the files. Dirk integrates the files into his own system and changes tags and ratings. Later he needs to determine which music Claudia likes because he will act as the DJ at her wedding.

Dirk wants to exclude his comments about Claudia's ugly dress from the pictures he sends her

Example data

Current state of data in KDE4:

<urn:A> {
     a nfo:Image ;
     nao:desciption "Ugly!" .

<urn:B> {
   <urn:B> a nrl:GraphMetadata .
   <urn:A> a nrl:IntanceBase ;
           nao:created "2009-11-05T...."^^xsd:dateTime .

<urn:C> {
     nao:rating 5 .

<urn:D> {
   <urn:D> a nrl:GraphMetadata .
   <urn:C> a nrl:IntanceBase ;
           nao:created "2009-11-06T...."^^xsd:dateTime .


To exclude one property we would need privacy settings on the property level. This would mean storing each property in its own graph which is not done in KDE at the moment (but would be easy to achieve).

Then we could easily mark the nao:description as non-public.

Claudia's brother has downloaded a lot of the music Claudia gave to Dirk

He needs the music files to be untraceable to him. However he still wants ratings and tags to be preserved.

After changing his jabber ID Dirk still wants to be able to access all his archived data

Dirk has two jabber IDs (SAP for work stuff and for private stuff)

He wants to share work information using his SAP ID and wedding pictures using his personal ID.

Dirk downloads a wedding picture from Claudia's picture page including all comments

The information about who wrote which comment is preserved.

Dirk starts writing a presentation about Claudia's youth and invites Claudia's brother to write it collaboratively on his computer

Dirk syncs the wedding photos with his mobile and tags them on the plane

When he comes home he syncs his phone again and the tags are synced, too.

Dirk searches for music that Claudia likes on his phone

The phone gives results from his home computer with optional access to download them.

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