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* [http://www.semanticdesktop.org/ontologies Nepomuk Ontologies]
* [http://www.semanticdesktop.org/ontologies Nepomuk Ontologies]
* [http://dev.nepomuk.semanticdesktop.org/wiki/OntologyMaintenance Experimental Nepomuk Ontologies and Ideas for new ones]
* [http://dev.nepomuk.semanticdesktop.org/wiki/OntologyMaintenance Experimental Nepomuk Ontologies and Ideas for new ones]
== ToDo  ==
Nepomuk is a rather young project with a notorious shortage in developers. There are many tasks and subprojects to get ones hands dirty on. Unlike other projects like Plasma, however, developing for Nepomuk is not easy. One has to read up on a lot of things and fight some day-to-day annoyances. But: helping with the development will improve the situation in any case.
If you are interested in working on a task in this list, please contact [mailto:[email protected] Sebastian Trueg].
=== Low level Nepomuk Development Tasks  ===
The low-level development tasks are those that are not directly reflected in the GUI or even in the API used by most developers. However, they are important in terms of performance, scalability, and compatibility.
== Development status ==
== Development status ==

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About Nepomuk

Nepomuk serves as a cross application semantic storage backend. It aims at collecting data from various sources - file indexing, the web, applications, etc, and linking them all together to form a cohesive map of data.

To know more about Nepomuk from a user's point of view, head over to the Nepomuk page on UserBase. To know more about the Nepomuk community and getting involved in Nepomuk, head over to Nepomuk page on Community. This page is dedicated to 3rd party documentation for Nepomuk.


The following links provide good reads for getting used to the Nepomuk system and its APIs.

As Nepomuk is highly dependent on its data in the RDF store and the used ontologies, one might consider to read up on RDF and the Nepomuk ontogies:

Development status

See Projects/Nepomuk/DevelopmentStatus.


Subpages of Projects/Nepomuk

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