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| style="padding-left:50px;" | step
| style="padding-left:50px;" | step
| 1.2
| 1.2
| style="background-color: lightgreen;" | Git
| style="background-color: lightgreen;" | Git
|- style="background:#dfdfdf;"
| '''kdeexamples'''
| no branches
| style="background-color: lightgreen;" | Git
| style="background-color: lightgreen;" | Git
| style="background-color: lightgreen;" | Git
| style="background-color: lightgreen;" | Git

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What to take from where for release?

Module/Application branch name scheme / comment 4.6 4.7
kdeaccessibility rules done, migration pending SVN SVN
kdeadmin not yet SVN SVN
kdeartwork not yet SVN SVN
kdebase - - -
kde-runtime KDE/1.2 Git Git
kde-workspace KDE/1.2 Git Git
kde-baseapps KDE/1.2 Git Git
kate in 4.6 released from kdelibs/kdesdk Git Git
konsole KDE/1.2 Git Git
kdebindings - - -
kimono KDE/1.2 SVN Git
qyoto KDE/1.2 SVN Git
kross-interpreters KDE/1.2 SVN Git
perlkde KDE/1.2 SVN Git
perlqt KDE/1.2 SVN Git
pykde4 KDE/1.2 SVN Git
korundum KDE/1.2 SVN Git
qtruby KDE/1.2 SVN Git
smokegen KDE/1.2 SVN Git
smokekde KDE/1.2 SVN Git
smokeqt KDE/1.2 SVN Git
phpqt unmaintained SVN -
kalyptus unmaintained SVN -
kdeedu - - -
blinken 1.2 Git Git
cantor 1.2 Git Git
kalgebra 1.2 Git Git
kalzium 1.2 Git Git
kanagram 1.2 Git Git
kbruch 1.2 Git Git
kgeography 1.2 Git Git
khangman 1.2 Git Git
kig 1.2 Git Git
kiten 1.2 Git Git
klettres 1.2 Git Git
kmplot 1.2 Git Git
kstars 1.2 Git Git
ktouch 1.2 Git Git
kturtle 1.2 Git Git
kwordquiz 1.2 Git Git
libkdeedu 1.2 Git Git
marble kde-1.2 Git Git
parley 1.2 Git Git
rocs 1.2 Git Git
step 1.2 Git Git
kdegames not yet SVN SVN
kdegraphics - - -
libksane KDE/1.2 Git Git
libkexiv2 KDE/1.2 Git Git
libkdcraw KDE/1.2 Git Git
libkipi KDE/1.2 Git Git
ksaneplugin KDE/1.2 Git Git
kolourpaint KDE/1.2 Git Git
ksnapshot KDE/1.2 Git Git
gwenview KDE/1.2 Git Git
kruler KDE/1.2 Git Git
mobipocket 1.2 Git Git
svgpart KDE/1.2 Git Git
kcolorchooser KDE/1.2 Git Git
kgamma KDE/1.2 Git Git
kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer KDE/1.2 Git Git
kdegraphics-thumbnailers KDE/1.2 Git Git
kamera KDE/1.2 Git Git
okular 1.2 Git Git
kdelibs KDE/1.2 Git Git
kdemultimedia not yet SVN SVN
kdenetwork not yet SVN SVN
kdepim - - -
kdepim 1.2 Git Git
kdepim-runtime 1.2 Git Git
kdepimlibs 1.2 Git Git
kdeplasma-addons 1.2 Git Git
kdesdk not yet SVN SVN
kdetoys not yet SVN SVN
kdeutils rules done, migration pending SVN SVN
kdewebdev not yet SVN SVN
kdesupport (somewhat) - -
kde-wallpapers  ? SVN
oxygen-icons SVN SVN

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