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  • project layout
 ** compromise?
       -> every module in KDE gets a repo, every project in support/extragear 
          gets a repo, koffice gets a repo
       -> write a script to clone, update and build everything, like kde-svn 
          (TASK: Morice).=
       -> subprojects, like games or edu might choose to have a repo per app,
          however, they will have to help out then. Otherwise, they get lumped 
          together. Will have to ask the module maintainers (TASK: Chani will do 
          the asking)
       -> if a subproject wants to separate all their apps, someone will have to
           help them (TASK)
 ** who proposes to kde-core-devel (TASK: Chani)
 ** who checks with gitorious
  • user accounts (gitorous accounts need to have a realname)
 ** get opt-in privacy agreement. TASK: eean. (coordinate with johann)
 ** we need a simple method for people to say "make me a gitorious account". 
    (wiki page?) This list warns about privacy issues: it is opt-in. TASK: 
 ** other users who have a gitorious account need to ask to be part of 
 ** we need a way to ensure everyone in thekde-developers group is on (TASK: ask johann)
 ** we need to send an announcement to telling
    everyone how to request an account (and privacy info) (TASK: boud)
 ** our sysadmins need to have admin access to gitorious.
  • scripts for
 ** translations
      -> mostly good to go, could do with polish and documentation. 
          Finish documentation: TASK for Chani
 ** releasing
      -> ask dirk, cyrille what do they need to create tarballs,
         collect translations, tag multiple repos (TASK: boud, morice)
 ** building (kde-git-build, morice)
 ** pre/post commit hooks, write & coordinate with gitorious
   *** post:
     -> figure out which hooks we have right now (from
             * CIA
             * BUG
             * CCMAIL 
             * LICENSE
             * EBN (Dario Freddi)
             * etc.
     -> check whether the list complete (boud, morice)
     -> coordinate with harald sitter on writing them (morice)
     -> get them to work with gitorious for all kde modules, they will run
        on a kde server (morice, johan, dario)
    *** pre:
      -> ACL: only needed for web, top-level modules and konq certificates
         * look into konq certificates (TASK: Mek, talk to sysadmin)
      -> ask sysadmin what else pre-commit hooks are needed for (???)
         * generated files?
         * upload a complete list of what it checks: TASK for argonel
         * figure out a way to call them from our site plugin: johan-s
         * perform tests: dario
         * make a short list of people who can send new hooks to gitorious
      -> ACL for creating tags: remains to be discussed: TODO
  • documentation
 ** for anon users
 ** for developers
     -> TASK: Chani and Dario
  • funding to pay gitorious
  -> TASK: ping KDE e.V. board about this (and Thiago).
     * note: we have to make sure what we get for the funding.
     * service-level-agreement?
  • convert svn mirrors to git mirrors: TODO
  • go through todo list to check what's open still and who can do that
   -> conversion script: morice: ask Thiago for it!
   -> externals: poke dfaure (TASK: jpwhiting)
   -> email issue: in the next gitorious sprint (TASK: johan-s)
  • docs/ folders will need to be sync'd with svn?
   -> for now, docs/manuals stay in svn. Moving to userbase or git can be done 
      later, it is not a blocker. Ask for input.
  • get op on #kde-git: task for argonal

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