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  • project layout
 ** compromise?
       -> every module in KDE gets a repo, every project in support/extragear 
          gets a repo, koffice gets a repo
       -> write a script to clone, update and build everything, like kde-svn 
          (TASK: Morice).
       -> subprojects, like games or edu might choose to have a repo per app,
          however, they will have to help out then. Otherwise, they get lumped 
          together. Will have to ask the module maintainers (TASK: Chani will do 
          the asking)
       -> if a subproject wants to separate all their apps, someone will have to
           help them (TASK)
 ** who proposes to kde-core-devel
 ** who checks with gitorious
  • user accounts (gitorous accounts need to have a realname)
 ** get opt-in privacy agreement. TASK: eean. (coordinate with johann)
 ** we need a simple method for people to say "make me a gitorious account". 
    (wiki page?)
 ** we need a way to ensure everyone in thekde-developers group is on (TASK: ask johann)
 ** we need to send an announcement to telling
    everyone about this (and whatever privacy thig...?  (TASK: boud))
 ** our sysadmins need to have admin access to gitorious.
  • scripts for
 ** translations
 ** releasing
 ** building
 ** pre/post commit hooks, write & coordinate with gitorious
  • documentation
 ** for anon users
 ** for developers
  • funding to pay gitorious
  • go through todo list to check what's open still and who can do that

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