This page documents how to go about getting a KDE module ready for the Great Git Migration of 2010.

Getting the tools

The necessary tools are hosted at To get started do:

git clone git:// git clone git://

This will get you the source code to build svn2git and the KDE ruleset files as they currently exist. Build the svn2git tool before moving on to the next step.

How rulesets work

Setting up your system

You will need ~60GB (is that correct?) of disk space to get started, as the process requires a copy of the KDE svn database. There is a script that will download this for you (and which can be used to update it periodically using rsync) in kde-ruleset/bin/startSync. By default the startSync script runs rsync in "dry run" mode, so before using it to actually get the svn database edit the startSync script and remove the -n from both rsync lines.

more stuff goes here ...

Testing a module

  • Step 1
  • ..
  • Profit! aka "How do I know I've succeeded or failed"
  • How to report findings
  • How to fix issues one comes across while testing

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