Projects/Mobile/Meego development with KDE

This is a page to help developers get up and running for KDE development on Meego.

Beginning Links

use Xephyr if you have an Intel graphics card, else use Qemu:

how to use QtCreator to build meego software

Maemo, not Meego:

Getting Started

There are three ways to get a full MeeGo GUI running:

  • using QEMU (emulating a device)
  • using Xephyr (using a chroot)
    • Note: only works if you have an Intel graphics card.
  • using a real device

To build stuff you can either use one of the above three options, or as a fourth (and probably) easier option, you can use qt-creator with madde and its Meego plugin. A problem with this is that there apparently is something wrong if you try to use libmeegotouch.

Using QEMU

If you don't have an Intel graphics card you need to use this method.

Using Xephyr

  • Use xhost: set it to allow connections to everyone from everywhere if you have problems, yes this is bad security "xhost +"
  • In chroot, to be non-root, su to user "meego".
  • It has a small partition, but you can mount external things via:
mount --bind <source> <path/to/chroot/target>

Using a real device

Dynamic Languages

This is based off an article on The Irish Pengiun, I've put together the following how-to to get Qt Ruby working on Meego. Note, to aid in rapid development, we'll be using the netbook edition.


First, get VirtualBox OSE installed on your system. Once that is installed, download the Meego 1.0 Netbook image.

KDE on MeeGo Community OBS

We use the MeeGo community build service ( for KDE packaging.

Since it does not support team repositories yet, we use Mek's personal repository as the official KDE repository for now:

Add the repo like this as root:

zypper ar -f mek-kde

How to get an account

(See also for official guideline)

  • get an account on (you probably have one already if you were at the MeeGo conference, it's the same as the conference account)
  • ask a guy named 'lbt' on '#meego' on Freenode to activate your account for the community OBS. Tell him your user name for that.
  • ask a member of the KDE MeeGo OBS project to add you to the project (e.g. Mek, Artur, Marco, Volker, full list available at the above repo link)

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