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This is a page to help developers get up and running for KDE development on Meego.

Beginning Links

use Xephyr if you have an Intel graphics card, else use Qemu:

how to use QtCreator to build meego software

Maemo, not Meego:

Getting Started

There are three ways to get a full MeeGo GUI running:

  • using QEMU (emulating a device)
  • using Xephyr (using a chroot)
    • Note: only works if you have an Intel graphics card.
    • Use xhost: set it to allow connections to everyone from everywhere if you have problems, yes this is bad security "xhost +"
    • In chroot, to be non-root, su to user "meego".
    • It has a small partition, but you can mount external things via:
mount --bind

* using a real device

To build stuff you can either use one of the above three options, or as a fourth (and probably) easier option, you can use qt-creator with madde and its Meego plugin. A problem with this is that there apparently is something wrong if you try to use libmeegotouch.

== Dynamic Languages ==

This is based off an article on [| The Irish Pengiun], I've put together the following how-to to get Qt Ruby working on Meego. Note, to aid in rapid development, we'll be using the netbook edition.

=== VirtualBox ===
First, get VirtualBox OSE installed on your system. Once that is installed, download the Meego 1.0 Netbook image.

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