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Projects/Mobile/Maemo Explained

Here you can find some definitions to help you better understand the "Maemo linguo" as it comes with its own versioning scheme and specific projects.

About Maemo

  • Maemo is the core software stack that runs on mobile devices like Nokia's N810 or N900, it is based on Debian.
  • Maemo's garage is where the projects for Maemo can be hosted, somewhat compareable to Sourceforge.
  • Maemo versions:
    • 4.0, codenamed Chinook
    • 4.1, codenamed Diablo, unofficial Qt support
    • 5.0, codenamed Fremantle, first one to have official Qt support
    • X.X, codenamed Harmattan, is a Maemo release which implements the Meego API, it was officially released as Meego 1.2 Harmattan.
  • Nokia devices running the Maemo stack:
    • N770, first Maemo based internet tablet, runs Maemo 2.2 (aka OS2006)
    • N800, internet tablet running Maemo 4.0
    • N810, internet tablet running Maemo 4.1
    • N900, first Maemo based phone, runs Maemo5 (5.0 initially, upgraded later to 5.0 PR1.1)
    • N950, developer only not for sale device running Harmattan
    • N9, first Maemo/Meego end user device running the same software as the N950

Build environments

  • Scratchbox is a cross-compiling environment used by the Maemo community for development and packaging, it tries to emulate the whole platform at build time extensively using qemu;
  • MADDE is a newer cross-compiling environment, simpler and more streamlined than scratchbox, it behaves more like a classical cross-compilation environment and doesn't rely on qemu during builds.

Related Projects

  • Busybox is a single binary that allows you to run commands like ls, cat and bunzip2;
  • Hildon is an application; framework and desktop shell for Maemo, compare it to the role that Plasma plays in KDE 4;
  • Mer is a Maemo community driven project which focuses mainly on porting Fremantle to the N8x0 devices.

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