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Short History

Related Projects

  • maemo is the core software stack that runs on mobile devices like Nokia's N810 or N900
  • garage is where the projects for maemo are hosted, somewhat compareable to Sourceforge.
  • OS2008 is maemo 4.x (more info). Compare it with Debian's Lenny.
  • Diablo is the version (feature upgrade 2008) of maemo.
  • Scratchbox is a cross-compiling environment to enable you to create software for maemo on an i386.
  • Busybox is a single binary that allows you to run commands like ls, cat and bunzip2
  • Hildon is an application framework and desktop shell for maemo, compare it to the role that Plasma plays in KDE 4
  • Mer which focuses mainly on porting the Fremantle OS to the N8x0 device


Some blogs entries about KDE on Maemo

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