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=== Turn-by-turn Navigation ===
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! Status
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! Contact
{{FeatureInProgress|Marble|Recentering when needed could use a future (predicted) position for recentering. The prediction can be based either on the current speed and direction or on the expected route waypoint at a future point (e.g. in 20 seconds)|akssps011@gmail.com|Siddharth Srivastava}}

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KDE 4.5 (Marble 0.10)

  • Online-Routing in Europe using OpenRouteService
  • GPX export

KDE 4.6 (Marble 0.11)

This is an elaborated version of the 4.6 Feature Plan with more details on non-finished items.

  • Convert MarbleRunners to plugins
  • Extend MarbleRunner interface to handle reverse geocoding and routing requests
  • Display of alternative routes
  • Route printing (map and directions, configurabe)
  • Route state saving and restoring
  • Worldwide and offline routing
  • Turn-by-turn navigation / route guidance mode
  • Improved Maemo UI (dialogs instead of sidebar, zoom buttons, ...)
  • Export route to kml, load a route in kml format (loading only on Maemo)

General Polishing

Status Project Description Contact
TO DO Marble Via point and directions support for yours Dennis Nienhüser <earthwings@gentoo.org>

KDE 4.7 (Marble 0.12)


  • QML Routing application
  • Routing API; Export of routing related headers
  • OSM tile sharing with other applications (Maemo)


  • Auto recentering: Configurable deviation amount with a default value between the ones currently used (0; 0.65)
  • Movable items in the placemark search result


  • Tour height profiles (using SRTM data)

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