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ModelView framework in Marble

Marble uses Qt's Model/View framework as a way to signal updates to a model to interested parts. In that respect, a Model class can wrap any possible data.

Here is the list of Model class, and a description of how they are used.


It represents a data file, parsed into a GeoDataDocument tree structure.

It is used by the DataViewPlugin debug plugin (and is broken atm)

It represents a list of gpx data file represented as GpxFile

It is used by the GpxLayer to load files and access them (and it doesn't look like it needs the Model-specific methods)

It represents the GeoDataGeometry and the GeoDataFeature items of the GeoDataDocument which contains all Placemarks.

It is used by the GeoRenderPlugin to access the list of placemarks.


It represents the list of files opened. The PlacemarkManager appends the documents it opens, and the MarbleWidget appends the gpx files it opens.

It is used by the FileViewFloatItem and manipulated by the PlaceMarkManager and the MarbleModel.

It represents a list of GeoDataDocuments. Only the PlacemarksPlugin uses it

It is used by no other code.

It represents

It is used by

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