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This text is mostly just copied from Projects/Marble/MaemoEnvironment and adapted to the new software.

MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan Platform SDK / Scratchbox Setup

Developing for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan based devices does not mean to write software and compile on the device itself. Most of the development happens on normal desktop systems. A device like a N9/N950 is indeed not needed: The scratchbox environment emulates it for you. Please follow the MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan Platform SDK Guidelines in the Nokia Developer Wiki to setup scratchbox on your system. After installation, follow the guide to start the SDK UI. You should end up with a scratchbox shell using the HARMATTAN_X86 target. Additionally, start the MeeGo UI in Xephyr as described.

Compiling Marble Touch

To strip down the number of dependencies, we will use the Qt-based version of Marble. The compilation requires cmake as the build system, make sure it is installed:

[sbox-HARMATTAN_X86: ~] > fakeroot apt-get install cmake

(If you prefer ccmake over cmake, just install cmake-curses-gui too)

With the necessary dependencies in place we proceed to the next step, checking out the Marble source code.

[sbox-HARMATTAN_X86: ~] > mkdir -p ~/marble/{src,build}
[sbox-HARMATTAN_X86: ~] > git clone git:// ~/marble/src

Well, here the problems start. I just get a bash: git: command not found and a fakeroot apt-get install git just gives me a E: Couldn't find package git. Anyone knows how to install Git in scratchbox?

Workaround: Just somehow copy the sources to your scratchbox dir, e.g. by scp -r localhost:/path/to/marble-sources ~/marble/src

Once all files were downloaded, prepare the compilation step:

[sbox-HARMATTAN_X86: ~] > cd ~/marble/build
[sbox-HARMATTAN_X86: ~] > cmake -DQTONLY=ON ../src

If cmake finished successfully, compile and install Marble:

[sbox-HARMATTAN_X86: ~] > make install

Running Marble Touch

Execute the marble-touch binary with the help of meego-run, a script provided by the Harmattan platform to setup a working environment.

[sbox-HARMATTAN_X86: ~] > meego-run marble-touch

Marble Touch should start up and become visible in Xephyr now.

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