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How to become a Marble Developer ("Marblehead")

First you should read our Manifesto that describes our aims. This is important so we don't loose focus:

What Marble is all about ("Manifesto")

Our "getting involved" page lists quite a few ways how you can become part of the Marble team:

However very often people want to write source code for Marble ...

So you want to write source code for Marble ...

Now you should obtain the Marble source code and start to compile it. This page tells you how to do it:

While you are compiling and checking out you can start to read a series of blog entries called "Marble's Secrets". These are a bit outdated already when it comes to details. But the basic concepts still apply:

Marble's Secrets

Now you are well prepared to begin: For a start you can look at our page of Junior Jobs:

Junior Jobs

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask on IRC (server:, channel: #kde-edu or #marble) or contact us via our mailing-list

Have Fun!