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;[[/GeoDataParsing|Parsing GeoData]]
;[[/GeoDataParsing|Parsing GeoData]]
;[[/GeoDataUse|Using GeoData classes]]

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GeoData Overview

The Marble Framework has got two major design goals:

  • The Marble Framework should build strongly on Qt-API principles and Qt design concepts.
  • The map data should be handled using classes that are modelled after the KML OGC standard.

The KML standard itself describes the properties of a data model for maps:

GeoData holds the data model that is internally used for any geographic information which should be rendered. It deals whith the data only, drawing is performed elsewhere.

GeoDataDocument describes a document.

A model representation is built through parsing of files and creating a stack of GeoDataObject representing its data. The Geodata objects are all modeled after the Google KML files as defined in the KML documentation.

Parsing GeoData
Using GeoData classes